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Best Tyre for the Stelvio?

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The tyres on the bike now are the Shinko 804/805's which are a 50/50 tyre.  I short listed it to Conti TKC70's, (70/30) Conti Trail Attack II's (85/15) and Shinko 705's (80/20).  At the end of it I then got the dealer to quote me all of them fitted in Prince Edward Island in Canada where the bike is now.  The reply was as follows: "Ok, so the tkc70’s would be $722.29 Installed, the trail attack 3’s would be $731.59 and the 705’s would be $424.44. All installed prices and discounted 40%"  Not sure what the difference is between the Trail Attack II and Trail III but in the end it would not have affected the result.

On that basis, and as the 705's have excellent reviews and would at least not look too effeminate on the bike; plus would allow me to do solid gravel and very limited serious off road riding, I went with the 705's.  It did not hurt that they were also significantly cheaper!  I had looked at the Mitas 07's, but they were solidly (60/40) and described as a bit more noisy on the road, which I will be doing a lot of!

I will ship the 804/805's home and save them for when I do some "more rugged" riding as they still have at least 50% left in them.  

I will of course report in as hte trip gets going in early May and asI progress and will also recored the tyre wear and type of riding for the general enjoyment of the assembled masses - all ten of you!! 

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I just realized that you're the lad doing the fly & buy coast to coast, I think you're making a very wise choice getting a road biased 80/20 tire, you'll be covering a lot of pavement to get home.

I noticed that you mentioned earlier not being familiar with Shinko, they are the old Yokohama factory/tires, very well thought of by lot's of people in the know.

Patience,prudence and common sense goes a long way with my 705's, I rode up the gravel trail to the top of Eagle's nest lookout in Calabogie, no problems, no drama.

I did get into trouble with them twice, but stupidity were issues both times; once was on a group ride with waayyy too quick a pace for the loose fresh gravel on the dirt road, the front end wanted to wash out on a corner,,,, one spring I did some exploring on a muddy road through a swampy area to check out the flooding of the Ottawa River,,, I didn't get stuck or fall over, but I was a sweaty muddy mess by the time I duck paddled out of there.

I'm not sure how much reading you've done and how prepared you will be for the ride home, but just in case some of the O ring seals on your wheels start to leak, a small compressor & some type of sealant, locktite? might be nice to have with you.

Sounds like a great adventure, I look forward to reading your updates.

Good luck and safe riding



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On 3/9/2020 at 10:48 AM, LangleyMalc said:

Hi Guys,  How about another tyre thread?  What is the perceived wisdom for Stelvio tyres?  I will be doing around 80-90% tar and the rest gravel.  Not likely to be doing any real dirt on it.  The Internet suggests Continental TKC 70s (60/40) or Continental Trail Attack (90/10) in the Premium tyres range or Shinzo 705's (80/20 and cheap) but I have never heard of them!  All suggestions gratefully received.  Thanks in advance.M.

Hello Malcolm, it’s newell here, I have the Tkc 70 tires on my old bmw gs . Always used to runMetzler tires until  I noticed they are now made in China!( isn’t everything? ) nice chunky, but smooth tread. Initially the front tire looked to tb about 2/3 depth of the rear, but I haven’t noticed any issues since I bought them. The last set of conti/attack street tires were very good as well and they are still made in Germany. Hope that helps,Malcolm. Thanks for shipping the rack and bags to me! 

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