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Blessings, Guzzis, & Grappa!

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Sent this as an email to some UnGuzzisti friends -- mostly because I enjoy annoying them :D -- and others, and posted on another forum, but thought (despite no spine-frame content) I'd post it here, too, especially as ride reports are getting scarce above the Mason-Dixon line until spring. 
So, a Guzzi buddy in Rochester, N.Y., has a wife who is as indulgent as my Kathi.  She and their daughters surprised Bob 10 years ago on his 60th birthday with a new Guzzi.  They recently reprised that gift with another on Bob’s latest.  

Guzzista and N.J. friend, Nick, and I saw this as an opportunity and excuse for a road trip.  After all, a new Moto Guzzi must be blessed with Grappa!  

Nick and I rode from here at the top of Virginia to Rochester this past Sunday, spent Monday in area, and came home on Tuesday.

We were blessed ourselves with some incredibly fine weather on all three days, but were sure glad we got home before yesterday’s drenching rain.

But, of course, you ache for the pix.  
The link opens in what Smugmug calls “collage landscape,” which means you can see all of the pix at once.  And, if you care, hover your cursor over a pic to see the captions.  Some captions are truncated in the wee pix, so — again, if you care :grin: — open the guilty photo to see the full comment.
P.S.  For the nervous “Kovid Keepers” out there, know that, with occasional exceptions, Nick, I, and the others followed the rules in public.  Well, OK, with the possible exception of our actual invasion of New York State without a C-test!  :whistle:
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