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Replacement Rear Brake Caliper 2000 V11 sport?

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Thanks for the info.  According to guzzi shop the caliper was entirely toast.. rotor also.  He sourced used ones for cheap money so we are going that route.  Said there was no way to rebuild what was left

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If it was me, I'd still order those parts and have them rebuild the caliper they get.  The pistons get rusty from seal failure and the anodized one's from MG Cycle prevents that. Or you might end up in the same boat down the road. You are already paying them to pull all that off and bleed the system etc.  it's not that much more in labor/parts to insure a perfectly operating caliper for years to come.

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df1 , you send me this caliper & I will fix it for the cost of parts only , PM me and I will give you my address .

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