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  1. I wouldn’t say “louder” have a listen You should tune your ECM after any significant change. I run a power commander on it and it runs fairly well without being pro tuned…
  2. I’ve decided to sell it. Fits my 2002 Scura. Will be packed up with meticulous care. Please make an offer. Shipping will be added at actual cost. This includes the complete system ready to install. Sale limited to the the U.S.A. as shipping internationally would more then likely be prohibitively expensive and I don’t know if it would meet regulations. You are also welcome to pick it up, I’m in West Michigan.
  3. I do, the XP-10. Used it twice so far… to jump my Excursion and my Centauro as it seems to have a electrical gremlin that kills the battery if left in it. I bring it in my little rear seat bag when I go ride. Nice little zip up case and it stays charged up. Both times I could have broke out the heavy guns, as I was at home but I wanted to try it and actually use it.
  4. True… but we also didn’t have these bad little mofo’s in the 70’s…Micro Start Never know, could help out someone else whilst out-n-about.
  5. Running the Scura with the single plate vs the Centauro I don’t feel much of a difference in quick revving or even engine braking. Some of these single plates had issues… Can’t you send that to Ed and have him check it out to make sure it’s okay?
  6. The big reason was tire tech. If you look at the tires in use, in todays world they are cartoonishly narrow. Guzzi mitigated that with the linked braking system. Idk how old you are…. I’m 50 and most all of what I rode was high performance. I don’t use the rear much if at all on a Guzzi. There’s more then enough weight on the rear tire and you certainly won’t over power it. Suspension set up is key with a bike that has this kind of weight distribution.
  7. Not to derail this thread, but you also should look at it with the authoritative eye. As far as I am aware, all electric vehicles are connected to the internet. “Deep within President Joe Biden’s recently signed infrastructure bill is a passage that will require automakers to begin including what can be best summarized as a “vehicle kill switch” within the operating software of new cars, which is described in the bill as “advanced drunk and impaired driving prevention technology”. The measure has been positioned as a safety tool to help prevent drunk driving, and by 2026 the kill switch could be mandated on every new car sold in the United States.” Anyone over the age of 40 should hopefully see the end game here. Sure it starts out with a Nobel cause.. drunk driving kills x amount of people a year.. this will save lives!!! Problem is always “Mission creep” once people become accustomed to big brother riding shotgun… then who’s to say stopping a bank robber? Or parent who didn’t return the child after a visit? Or because you posted something someone didn’t like? Notice how new tech is always overladen with restrictions? The practical solution imo, would be a hybrid. Works in the largest machinery built to haul freight across the continent… Trains Excuse me while I grab my soap box…thanks!
  8. That’s wishful thinking. This “Green” push is another chance to tax and control the plebs. Gasoline/Diesel is by far the safest and most effective medium of energy storage we have for transportation. Simply suppling enough energy without a bunch of electric cars is a ongoing problem in Europe and here, where the climate nut jobs have authority. Let them convert the military to electric… now that might very well save the planet and a few lives…..
  9. Welcome my sonWelcome to the machineWhere have you been?It's alright we know where you've been
  10. I use Meguiar's® Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer I have that same kind of discoloration on the black trim above the running boards on my Merc. Couple applications and it’s just like my soul…BLACK You could also have this playing in the background. Am I Black Enough for You? might be inspirational……
  11. AT&T was/is running a promo offering $800 trade in towards a new iPhone. I took them up on that and picked up the “Pro Max 13” Must say, the new camera is pretty nice. These pics were taken in “Portrait” mode today (1/26/22)
  12. The Dealer network in the US was inept. When I bought my greenie, the local dealer was just a tiny little place on a side street strip mall. They wanted it sold so badly I paid I think at the time $7,000 brand new and sold it for the same price +/- couple years later. Unless it’s been wrecked and dismantled, I see plenty of them still for sale today. They are time tested, reliable and fun bikes that you won’t see a dozen of at your local Sunday morning coffee shop.
  13. Daaaaaaang…those are one of the sharpest variants of V11-ness…. Nice!!
  14. And prevent fuel delivery issues by keeping the pump submerged in fuel… that’s a smart upgrade. Somebody at Guzzi had their thinking cap on that day.
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