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QD Quat D System


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742-DC92-C-FF74-4995-9551-A41-EFCBA5-CF2I’ve decided to sell it. Fits my 2002 Scura. Will be packed up with meticulous care. Please make an offer. Shipping will be added at actual cost. This includes the complete system ready to install. 

Sale limited to the the U.S.A. as shipping internationally would more then likely be prohibitively expensive and I don’t know if it would meet regulations.

You are also welcome to pick it up, I’m in West Michigan.

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Update - I've decided to leave my V11s as they are for the moment.  I already have a set of Titanium Racing cans, which I will probably use on the Nero Corsa. 

So Mikko's Quat D is still available.

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I wouldn't know what it was worth or how to use it. The 1st of these I've seen was on the V11 on BaT last week. ( I haven't even pulled off the evap garbage yet either)...  So louder and richer?

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I wouldn’t say “louder” have a listen

You should tune your ECM after any significant change. I run a power commander on it and it runs fairly well without being pro tuned…

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