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  1. Thank you @docc! It looks like that’s exactly what I have going on. Odd that they left the rest of the hardware though. They just yanked out the two pieces of hose at the T-fitting.
  2. I'm trying to locate the actual fittings on my '03 that correspond to item #5 on the attached diagram of the EVAP system. The "T" fitting on mine is broken off and as dumb as it sounds I haven't had any success in tracing the hose path to find the connection spot(s) at the throttle body. Can someone please post an actual photograph of where those fittings are and what they look like? Are they upstream of the throttle plate or downstream? I would think they'd need to be downstream to operate in a state of vacuum but I'm just not seeing anything there on my bike.
  3. Thank you everyone for your prompt replies to my questions. I'll rest a bit easier that my orientation vs. the parts diagram isn't a terrible concern. I will pay attention to the spline orientation with regards to the marks when I reassemble and double-check that the marks actually phase the yokes correctly. About my challenge to separate the yoke from the final drive input spline, any thoughts on how to proceed?
  4. Hello all, I bought my first Guzzi a few weeks ago. It's an '03 LeMans of unknown mileage (speedo replaced, no records to reference). All signs so far point to it having been a neglected bike with lots of deferred maintenance I'm sorting through. Right now the driveshaft has my attention. I intended to pull it off the bike to get a good look at the spline conditions at both ends. In the process I've come across a few things that I need your help to gain knowledge about. 1) first off... is my driveshaft installed backwards?! Is that even possible? (and if so, could anything be damaged as a result?) Looking at the parts diagram, it appears the O.D. of the front section is smaller than the O.D. of the rear section. Or to put it another way, the end that connects to the engine/transmission has the grease zerk on the shaft, and the end without the grease zerk installs to the final drive. As you can see in the attached pictures though, on my bike the shaft section with the zerk on the shaft is connected to the final drive, and the larger O.D. section is installed to the engine/transmission. 2) I have the pinch bolts completely removed from the yoke on the final drive but I still can't pull the yoke off the final drive input shaft. What could be holding it on still? Is it OK to apply some "persuasive force" to get it apart? 3) I've seen lots of warning both on this forum and in the owners/service manuals about the necessity to make sure the alignment marks on the driveshaft are, well, in alignment... but what occurs if they aren't aligned? I ask because mine were indexed at least 60-degrees apart before I separated the driveshaft and I have no idea how long it had been run that way. These are the first of many questions to come but they're the brightest burning ones right now in this maintenance adventure. Thanks in advance for your help!
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