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Another Political Weapon Thread....

Richard Z

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Friend of mine dropped this off. He split from his wife and doesn't have anywhere to store it...

I told him to leave the keys, just in case I need to move it around.... ;)




It fits in very comfortable with the Guzzi and the Ducati... Who needs Asian and American bikes.... Not me... LOL

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I guess I need to lose my extra Battery Tender and bottle of Sta-bil.


Thank you for the great advice... I guess when I need to move it around, I mean the countryside.... B)


Already took a spin on it... It's much too tall for my 5'6" height. But, once I was rolling, smooth, quiet, torquey and very nimble. I need to replace the head guards. You can't lean it like the Guzzi. Someone mislocated the cylinder heads....


Richard Z.

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Hey, lets not forget that as a really good friend you HAVE to rotate the tires :D , I mean otherwise they'll flat spot, and then start to leak and the rubber will deteriate and then your friend will have to get new tires and that would be terrible.......and we all know that nothing is better for our tires than a brisk ride down a twisty country lane....right???


One of my buddies has one just like it, nice bike but............hey, I had a beemer for years before the :wub: Tenni :sun: great bikes, can be fun, but don't have the soul or sound of our :mg: V11's




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