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Hello Everyone


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Andy here.

Came across this site whilst browsing Guzzi related links.

I'm 46 and have been riding since aged 18.

My Griso (4v) is my first Italian bike and I'm loving it.

In my 2nd year of ownership now and I just don't tire of riding it.

I just fitted a Termignoni silencer which has transformed the sound into what I think a Guzzi should sound like.

Certainly does turn heads now, (in a good way).

Had just two problems.

First off, my clocks started misting, which were replaced under warranty, but the new one's are even worse so I'm not quite sure what to do there.

Secondly, a minor thing I know, but the chrome on my mirrors started pitting, which again was dealt with swiftly under warranty.

Other than that ?

Well there is just one thing.

After I fitted the Termig, after about 50 miles, the little red warning triangle came on for a while, twice.

Hope that's not anything to worry about.

Hasn't happened since.

Build quality seems good and pretty much on a par with most of the Japanese bikes I've owned over the years.

Only the paint on the front of the engine seems a bit fragile, and prone to chipping, but then it is in the front wheels firing line.

As well at the Termig, I have the small fly screen and Skidmarx hugger which I think is essential.


I'm wearing the front tyre much quicker than rear.

Is this something anyone else has found ?

It's the first time it's happened to me.

I'm using Dunlop Roadsmarts at the moment and have done 5000 miles on them so far.

The rear looks like it has another 1000 miles left, but the front is on the limiter.


The original Rennesports only lasted 2500 miles but at least they wore as I would have expected, rear wearing quicker.

One thing that's really impressed me is the economy.

I'm not a tear arse rider, but I don't hang about when I don't have too but still get 50+mpg, which I think is pretty impressive.

Anyway I'm waffling on now.

Look forward to being here.

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When the little red warning triangle lights up what is showing in the bottom of the dash where the voltage reading is when the toggle switch is in 'Mode'? If a globe goes out or there is a poor connection in the harness there will be a little picture of a bulb and an arrow pointing to whichever side if it's an indicator globe.


Also thetriangle flashes when you exceed the pre-set RPM point for 'Maximum revs before gearchange' this is set at 6,500RPM at the factory, if you haven't changed it yet and are taking the bike above that that'll do it.


Make sure the servicing dealer knows how to re-set the TPS with the Axone or whatever they use. All the 4V Grisos seem to come out of the facory with the TPS set wrong. Once right it will stay right unless you bin the bike and bend something but it's worth getting it done right in the first place.


TAke all the slack out of the throttle cables, that will help with driveline backlash, odd though it may seem!



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Thanks for that.

Yes I know that the red triangle flashes as you approach the red line, but this was different.

It came on and stayed on for a while at low rpm in town.

I saw nothing else on the display.

Maybe it's coincidence that it happened the day I was trying out my new Termignoni silencer.

Anyway I noticed no problems running wise when the triangle lit up.

Having said that - what you have described did happen to me last year when I was travelling home after having the bike serviced.

I got what looked like a bulb icon with a cross through it appear on the dash, but it didn't stay on long enough for me to have a proper look.

Ref Backlash

I don't really notice a problem with that.

I know that a snatchy feel to the transmission is common on fuel injected bikes, but I find the Guzzi quite smooth.

The worst I had was a Yamaha GTS1000 in 96, and the suggested remedy there was, as you have said, to take all the slack out of the cables, which did help quite a lot.

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Hi Andy, and welcome. we`re both new here.

Andy, what about a trip, 22-25 May?

Team up with Commando Tod


see this post

Can`t make it that weekend I`m sorry, but I`m off to the Coupes-Moto-Legende in Dijon on the 28may-01june For great roads, great classic bike festival and lots to drink. If anyone wants to come along with us, you`re more than welcome.

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