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8V is running 10W40... hmm


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Found out today that my Moto Guzzi dealer / service agent has Motul 10W40 in the 8V Griso. Swears it's the only oil to use in anything – and never use a synthetic.


10W60 is of course specified by MG and in any discussion here it has been pointed out that the tappet design in this motor needs the 60 grade.


As Ratchet would say: what's a feller to do? :wacko:


The case for sticking with SG rating, rather than the later versions, has also been well made. It's very hard to find a 10W60 SG on anyone's shelves. The only one that I have seen around is Motorex, but the shop that had it has closed.

Anyway, it still leaves the situation that the Guzzi agent, due to his bike experience (a different thing from high-cam flat tappet Guzzi experience) uses 10W40 semi, no matter what Guzzi specify. :huh2: Motul does make a good oil, as far as I can tell.

Can I say again: what's a feller to do?


All comments, including comments of doom, are invited.

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Dave, while at this time of year for you there will likely be no problem if you wre to go touring somewhere in Europe where ambient temps are much higher I would think that there would be an increased risk of problems. (Whoops! It's summer with you innit? Better I wake up before I hit the 'send' button! :lol: )


It has to be remembered that the 8V motor is essentially liquid cooled with 'Air Assist', the oil is being asked to work very hard. If its high temperature VR is 40 then it is not going to be able to offer the same film strength at a high temperature as an oil with a high temp VR of 60 or 70.


At the end of the day it will probably be fine. The main reason modern vehicles use very *thin* oils is to allow rapid delivery to distant parts of the engine which isn't relevant to the Guzzi donk and to decrease frictional losses and thereby increasing efficiency/fuel ecconomy. As you've observed the 8V is a thirsty beast so that's a bit of a joke!


There have to be SOME readily available oils that meet the specifications and regardless of what your agent says I'm afraid that using a full synthetic is, IMHO, not only wise but neccessary as the oil does a LOT of heat transporting, there are very, very high delivery rates to the heads for cooling and the actual roofs of the combustion chambers are quite thin. The heat is carried away by torrents of oil flowwing over them and that oil will be reaching it's thermal limit on occasions. Using a proper, high spec, full synth will offer far greater resistance to carbonization and oil breakdown than even the best mineral oils.


It really sounds as if your bloke doesn't understand how the engine is cooled or really how it works. No doubt he and the importer will probably tell you not to believe everything you read on the internet but one has to wonder if they are so lacking in understanding of stuff like this what other fundamentals are missing from their knowledge armoury?



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Clearly, your bloke has not heard of the wonders of yak fat. Give him Pete's phone number and the clear instructions to call during Pete's most lucid hours, say between 3:00 and 4:00 A.M. Bungendore Mean Time.

I'm saving up for an air fare (return!) to get PR here.

They need to meet, face to face.


I'm putting it on the Guzzi World Wrestling Tournament bill:


Top Billing

1 Ratchet 'The Hatchet' Hack vs 'Gentleman' Greg Field


Other Attractions

2 'My Man in Norn Iron' vs Pete 'Platypus' Roper

3 Dave 'R.D.' Laing vs Enzo 'The Cobra' Nemo

4 Euan 'The Haggis' Macguzzi vs Guy 'Pieman' Guzzirider


Any more contenders?

'Roll up, roll up'


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