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Northeast V11 Foliage Gathering in October Upstate NY


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Thinking about hosting a Fall Foliage get together.I know it's last minute ,but I would be interested in seeing how many V11's we could get together.All model Guzzis and other brands would be welcome.

As many of you Nor'eastener's know, this is the best riding of the year and the colors should be spectacular.

Anyone would be welcome to stay at my place and maybe a BBQ on Saturday night.There are nice reasonable motels in the area also.

I am in the Catskills,near New Paltz-Woodstock-Kingston area.2 hour from NYC,1.5 from Albany,3+ from Boston.

I know the roads pretty well and could plan a 150-ish(or more) mile day,mostly all twisty stuff.

I'm thinking that October 17th is the first weekend I have off.Get together Fri have dinner and libations whoever could make it and,ride Sat all day,get in before dark,

Whadaya think?

Maybe an annual thing if i we can make it happen !

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Ya I'm a "fly by the seat of my pants" scheduler because I freelance for work and often things change last minute .

Chris you may not want to bring the Mandello as I'm lusting after one and won't have the coin for one for a while, so I might have to hot-wire yours!


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Looks like a washout this weekend,so I'm rescheduling for next Saturday October 24th.Let me know if anyone's interested.

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I might be in but will know better as the time gets closer

Great Vlad,hope you can make it.

Client wants me to do a job on Saturday,so might have to bail.hopefully know by mid-week.If I do, I hope you guys will get together,I'll map out a nice day of twisties and food breaks and motel info.We're just about peak color now.Will also get out either Wed or Thurs and weather looks good,sunny/60ish if anyone would want to come out during the week.

I'm hoping I can be off.


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I don't think any of us are very good at schedules but we should try to do a ride down near woodstock area this year. I will most likely be going to the woodstock vintage ride as well as the Rhinebeck super meet at least.



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