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Interesting. In the States, we're really coming onto our own on local breweries. Finally!


Andy, what do you mean by a "session ale?"

A session ale is one you can quaff steadily all night without getting utterly sh*tfaced but still feel like you're drinking a proper pint. Much above 4.0% and only the hardiest will manage to stay upright, let alone stagger home.



PS just bottling up this years batch of sloe gin. makes for a different kind of session and recovery period.

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Blackthorn berries .... also known as sloe.

...and totally inedible by man or beast as far as I can tell, but soak in gin for a year with a load of sugar, strain out the berries and you have pure nectar.

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This is an interesting thread....Here at Rancho Loco Pico Brewery and Flatutorium... the favorite brew is the brew dujour or du-week or du-month.  Just finished, with Docc's assistance, a double imperial uber-hopped IPA (sort of a TWIN SISTERS) and a fabulous Russian Imperial Stout with a nice ABV of just over 11%.


That being said... Dark Lord (Three Floyds)... Illinois (IPA) and for a session beer... Beber Oscura (Mexico Dark) 


OK... I'm a beer snob, but because I can be!!



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...... and started the build of my very own bar... 


When do you open and will there be discounts for Guzzisti?


1st brews ready in a couple a weeks, shed should be to... get in that helecopterjim and head over, aint to far from BC

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