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Italian cars and bikes Newby Hall North Yorkshire

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What a great and lovely event! Wish I was on your all’s side of the pond. Not a whole lot going on here in SoCal, certainly not as classy as that.


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Well worth the visit. Guzzis predominated. Some well used 70s and 80s Guzzis and a very nice Magni. More new than old Ducatis present and a couple of Morinis, but no Laverdas that I noticed. Only one V11 other than my Tenni.
Lots of very nice Ferraris, Maseratis, Alfas and a few Lancias too. 1fecd25bcdb3c2e61afb658b76fda44c.jpg1ab0dca9500f30a3943721549dde14c7.jpgc41f26facde80f2b4a3a75367da6a9ba.jpgbc912ac5bc78ccd9a7c99434e47a7335.jpg20c5c53f0c037d3c8569dc8199b012f4.jpgc650b5014e2a428b870b0b2c8a2b3550.jpg76423078b5d11132b0e6ecca082d5423.jpge88ec28d3b5159e3b0c9668a440ebc28.jpge048f1c5b123e3cc2db62c7f6cb7eb72.jpga31d458b729af3454c39bfd28c82f3f8.jpg0706713196a3cb319a0a02cfea3d7424.jpg

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