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What’s the consensus on ‘The Superbike school’ ?

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I attended a two day school run by them a few years ago in North Las Vegas. It's a first class experience and glad I did it. Never attended a track day before, so just being on a track was new..throw in class time with track time and the sensory inputs were borderline overwhelming. Interesting pitches during class of the science behind the techniques presented. I recall being exhausted/sore after the first day..oh..and frustrated that I couldn't find a legitimate massage anywhere that evening.:huh2:(:lol:)

IMO it's perfect for someone who does attend track days and looking for techniques/critiques on how to improve lap times. Applicability to the street is more limited (though still useful). Exploring personal/vehicle limits on public thoroughfares...:ph34r: 

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16 hours ago, nobleswood said:

Answered my own question 


Started by Keith Code

I attended Keith Code's Superbike school twice, in 1985 and 1986. Though it was a long time ago and their methods have probably evolved, I highly recommend it; any tracktime school is probably money well spent. You will learn techniques and science you can't really apply elsewhere, and you will expand your limitations beyond your efforts on the street- meaning that you'll not make sophomore mistakes that crash you when it's avoidable. I watch crash videos a lot, and it's my studied opinion that 90% of all street crashes are totally and easily avoidable. I also watch travel videos, and adventure riders suffer from the same lack of pertinent practice offroad, leading to unnecessary damage, injury, and inconvenience easily avoidable.

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