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Honda RC30 For Sale

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28 minutes ago, docc said:

All good fun until another wee red corner of a fender butts in at the bottom left . . .

Alfa Guzzi spare.jpg

Even this guy's Green Egg is red!

The first time I saw a GTV up close was at Tuskeegee Motel near Robbinsville NC one morning. There was an Italian car get together at Deals Gap that weekend, old Fiats were all over the place (read broken down X1/9’s on the sides of the rode broken down). Long story short, later that morning I followed the GTV & a 164 Quadrifoglio give chase to a Ferrari on the Cherohala Skyway. I was on my new 1998 Honda Super Hawk 996 w carbon Two brothers cans, winding it up behind them. I kept getting hit in the helmet by rubber coming off the tires as they drifted the rear going thru the corners, the drivers were legit, the cars handled the road amazingly. I will never forget what a treat that day truly was for me, first time on the Cherohala & the cool Alfa’s being properly aired out.

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They are fun, mine gives me that special feeling like the RC30, hard to put a finger on it.  I perfected the 4 wheel drift in mine by staying late at work in Atlanta.  Back then traffic would clear out by 7:00pm, I would take the downtown connector south to the International Blvd. (I think it had a different name back then) exit, two lanes banked to the left, with no other cars you could go as fast as you wanted, not sure how many times I took that curve, but it was always worth the extra hours at work.

A lot of Alfa folks would say the Alfetta was better balanced with the 4 cylinder engine, but the V6 up front and the Transxale in the rear, the car had beautiful balance, you could make steering corrections mid-corner with the throttle.

Alfa RC really small.jpg

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