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Anyone attending the Moto Guzzi tour in California next week?


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If I waited for the MGS-01 Experience I'd never go anywhere,...it's about the ride,riding a new generation Guzzi is a plus bit not necessary....Although you live near the best roads in the East,Cali is the best of the West and best weather of the year for them!

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Just got back,...HOLY SH!TT that was an amazing trip and I have been on many.That bike is incredible,will do a review of it with a summary of the tour at some point.Can not stress how well organized and fun the tour was and everything was first class.Incredible value.They also offer these in Europe.They lose money on these and approach it as a promotional tool to get the brand into the public's eye and offer a discount to all attendees if they decide to buy one....I am a solo rider and fiercely independent so would never consider an organized tour,usually solo or occasionally with 1,2 riders I know well and trust but this soo good and a steal of deal I would do it again and again...Oh and Docc,...you may get your wish...shipment of V100's are due in Dec and "The Experience" has first dibs before dealers...:thumbsup:

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