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corban seat ?

Guest rrbasso

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Guest rrbasso

Hi this is my first time on this site so thank you for your feed back. Does the corban seat fit a 2003 v11 sport naked ? i have heard some rumors that it didnt, ive called corban but had no luck in getting a straght anser.

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Antonio! Quit picking on the new guy! :xmas: won't bring you any shiny new Guzzi bits :!:


Sorry, can't answer your question...


If you are interested in a seat, check out some of the recent threads on seats. There are some custom guys who do better work than Corbin, and they will customize it to your height and butt.


welcome and cheers,




ps. Don't mind Antonio, he's just bitter because his goose is in the shop. They better get his bike back to him soon, he's lowered himself to wearing women's shoes and accosting strangers on the internet...

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A search of the forum will return several recent threads on this subject, however here is a post of mine from one last week:



Only three options I know of, unless Sargeant has started making seats the fit the V11 Sport/LeMans:


1)  Corbin - READ THE CORBIN FAQ  ....later bikes have issues  :(


2)  Rich Maund - Rich Maund Upholstery.  This is the "your ass will thank you" Rich  :P  .... a forum member, and all-around great guy  :thumbsup:


3)  Rich's Custom Upholstery ("West Coast Rich"  :rolleyes: ) - Review of Rich's Work.  A couple guys on the West coast have had "the other Rich" make their seats, and they look quite nice.




....other??  If there are others making seats for the V11 Sport series, I am unaware.  Although I am sure there are various custom seat "guys" and upholstery shops that have remade seats for owners as pure custom jobs, the three options listed above are the only ones I am aware of that regularly make/made seats for these bikes.


I would recommend Rich Maund(East Coast Rich  :D ) just based on the sheer number of V11 seats he's rebuilt, and his requisite experience doing so  :notworthy:


Hope that helps!



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What Al said, i.e., choose door 2, Rich Maund.


I am a stock seat kinda guy, because my well-larded bottom has never found stock seats a problem.


But, I have seen all sorts of customs, and while most after-markets look pretty good, Rich's work seems to me, at least, to be the best in appearance and workmanship.



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