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alternative speedometer cable?

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After some research, I thought I order this and give it a try. Free return if it doesn't work out. I can use this style cable and possibly not need the angle gear(s). I'll report back after it arrives.


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The primary difficulty with those common ends, and the reason for the factory "solutions" on the V11, is clearance for the throttle rod.

Probably the very last function you will want from your speedometer is to observe just where the needle maxes out when the throttle linkage fouls itself fully open on the drive cable . . .

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No good. If it were only the bend at the gear box, I may have been able to come up with something. Both ends on the new cable were correct, but the side (speedo side) with the flat slit, was a bit too narrow. Even this I could have made work, but after a number of other items too, not worth overcoming.

At least I ruled something out for us. :unsure:

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