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V11 shades of green


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Are there different shades of green for the V11 Sport from the factory . I recently bought a green tail section for mine to save painting my scuffed one and it turned out to be a different green. I remember years back seeing another green one that was a different shade of green but mine is the same green as the 1972 V7 whereas the tail section i bought is a more vivid lime green. Just curious if mine came from the factory with the same green it has now. IMG_8599.HEIC

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Don't forget that paint can fade with time, particularly metallic types. "Plain" red is also particularly bad, I've been told. Two 20 year old parts that have been exposed to different amounts of sunlight over the years can easily be different colours, even if they started out the same.


But I know that doesn't really answer your question. Sorry. :)


PS: My V35 Imola is red. Year of manufacture 1983 (although it is all in a 1981 frame now, but that is another story...)

When I bought it, I believe all the bodywork was original. Currently I am working on replacing the fairing. Again. For the third time. One mishap in the garage whilst it was dismantled, and twice fallen off the bloody useless sidestand.

Anyway, when it was still original, there were four shades of red. Not radically, but definitely different. Fairing, tank, side-covers and tailpiece. I'm pretty sure they were all the same colour when it was new, or at least very, very close to the same colour. :huh2:

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Is that your RedFrame Sport in the image, @milo? What is the year/ build date (build date on the metal tag on the left side of the headstock)?

AFAIK, there has only been the one Legnano Green tail section of the early 1999-2001 Sport. 

There was a more subdued green tank on the 2002 -2003 "Carryover" Sport, but it's tail section was grey. I would be inclined to agree with @audiomick regarding a difference from fade over these years.


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