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Motorcycle Airbags; owner, interested, not for me.  

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I have said it before, but I purchased a Alpinestars AirTech 5 airbag in 2021.

I have worn it once only. Not because I don't want to, but the Texas weather makes it almost impossible to endure. Unfortunately, the TechAir 5 has to be worn under a jacket. I should have possibly purchased the Dainese Smart Jacket, because it can be worn under or over.

But the TechAir 5 offers more protection than the Dainese, I made the choice to protect the shoulders and neck. The TechAir 5 is fine as long as the temperature is around 60 degF, and without too much humidity. Above that, it is really not comfortable.

Enters Helite Airbags!

This company specializes in Airbags, unlike Alpinestars and Dainese. Helite is a French company but they have a US distributor based in Reno. They do airbags for horseback riding, bicycle riding, and of course Guzzi riding.

They have introduced an airbag self contained in a Backpack. I must tell you, it is not cheap! almost 1000 USD for the electronically activated version. They have a tethered version which is less expensive.

Unlike my TechAir 5 that needs to be sent back to Alpinestars for inspection, Helite products can be self-maintained.

I am going to try to convince them to let me try one here, in the Texas breeze. I usually never wear a backpack on a motorcycle, for safety reasons, and also because on long rides, the weight can be an issue.

Anyway, I will try to get one for testing for free.

Here's the narrative:


Helite has developed an innovative airbag that ensures your safety on your motorcycle. Our engineers have put all their expertise into the design to bring this unique product to the market


As always, HELITE has focused on the quality of the airbag protection.  Large volume of protection (18L) to absorb impacts and completely cover vital areas.

Vital areas covered: Back, neck, chest, abdomen, sacrum. 

TURTLE Technology: Reinforced back protection (SAS-TEC level 1 back) and force distribution during impact.  
Ultra-fast inflation: The airbag is effective before impact


Air circulation: A ventilated space between the bag and the back (3D mesh), through which humid air can freely escape. 
Waterproof: It can be used in the rain thanks to its water-repellent fabric and waterproof closures.  Reflective elements day and night protection..


Mechanical system: The airbag is attached to the motorcycle with a tether. In the event of a fall, the tether disconnects from the airbag, triggering its inflation. 
Electronic system: The electronic board integrates several sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS) that monitor the situation in real time. An algorithm analyzes all the data and is able to detect a fall to trigger the inflation of the airbag.

The H-Moov backpack airbag is reusable after inflation. Simply change the cartridge yourself.



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When I was in France in November last year, I did try one of those Helite Airbags;

They seem to have reached out to FortNine for some exposure. Next time I go to France, I think I will get one and sell my Alpinestars AirTech 5 which is useless to me in that you need to wear it underneath a jacket, and I don't think it would be wise to wear directly on your skin either, since it is not the kind of garment you can wash if you sweat in it.

Helite  does not require a subscription, which should be pricing Klim outside the market, given the ludicrous amount of money one would have to spend to unlock all the safety features, some of those features in recurrent payments? how can a company be greedy with safety?

I am going to try combining my Bowtex Helite with an Helite H-moov backpack in the Texas heat. I was not aware you could remove the pack from the bag itself, which makes it ever more appealing. The self recharging comes handy too, compared to my TechAir five that needs to be sent back to Alpinestars every two years or 500 hours, whichever come first. This is an additional 179.95 USD + Taxes, + shipping.

I think the Helite H-mooV is a better solution.



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