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G'day folk's.

Thought I'd share my enthusiasm for these inner gloves.

About seven years ago I bought a pair of Rukka Apollo gloves which in the early days were waterproof and comfortable.Then after about two years the bloody Gore-Tex liners would come out when you took them off in warm/hot weather and it was a nightmare trying to get them back in and wear the gloves!

So rather than waste $300 or so bucks we pulled the liners out and my wife carefully cut and removed them from the main gloves meaning that they were essentially a separate pair of inner gloves.This worked well till recently when this flimsy pair started falling apart.The last straw was a VERY WET ride home with wet and COLD hands as by now the gloves are nowhere near waterproof anymore unless I use Dubbin on them regularly and at this stage I hadn't done so for a bit!

After reading a review of the Infiniums I bought a pair for $55 and tried them!

Very bloody impressed!

They're like thermal undies for your hands being a tight /close fit.They're also windproof and very comfortable.

I have managed to try them in the wet and hands remained warm and dry.The old set-up was ok down to 5 deg's and painful below that, but recently I've been caught out twice in the cold.

The first time was 3 deg's leaving home and minus 1 on the flats! Yep it was brutal but not nearly as bad as the old set up which had me screaming in the helmet to try and take my mind off the pain in similar weather.Another time it was 4 on leaving home and 1-2 degrees for about 20 k's and although it was uncomfortable it was still much better than the old set-up as well.

I usually avoid riding in temps under 5 but these jiggers make it possible providing it doesn't go too far below it or for prolonged times! (also helps if you go easy on the throttle too, as wind chill is wicked at speed)

Money really well spent as it means I'll also get a few more years outa the Rukka main gloves!

Cheers Guzzler


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That'd be these, right?



Interesting. The shop I prefer to buy my stuff at carries that brand almost exclusively. Seems to be good stuff.

The only problem I have with it is the name itself. It actually is the surname of the boss (and probably owner...) of the company. However, it means "hero", and I feel a bit odd running around in bike gear that has "hero" written all over it. B):grin:

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The page wouldn't open but I did see Held.de.

They are a German company so assume that it's the page mate!

Yeah I've also heard good things about their gear.


ps would never have known about the hero bit but being inner gloves at least no one sees them!

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48 minutes ago, guzzler said:

The page wouldn't open

Just tried it myself. It's about 20 past midnight on a Saturday night here. Your answer 45 minutes ago would have been about 11:35 pm here.

I can get to the home page without a bother, but the shop wont open. Given that it is the middle of the night on Saturday night, I reckon they're probably dicking around with the internet shop on the assumption that no-one would be stupid enough to try and access it right now. :whistle:

If you're really interested, try it again in about 36 hours or so. Not important, though. :huh2:

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