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Thanks to all who've posted so many technical tips, how-tos and photos

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Hi.  I'm new to this forum.  Well, actually the past several months I've been lurking and learning after purchasing a 2001 Green V11 Sport.  I knew it was a bit of a project, but a friend Dave Friesen, frequent V11lemans poster, told me if I could read...ahem...:)...that all I needed to know to get the bike on the road was documented here.  I'm in pretty deep, but just want to say a real THANK YOU to all of you who've worked through and shared the how-tos.  Especially those with photos.

So far, and there's more I forget, with your help I've done - wheel bearings, bevel box needle and other bearing, drive shaft removal and lubrication, speedo cable, all the fluids, fuel pump and filter, fuel lines, relays, under tank and under seat wiring management, Penske shock, bodywork stress crack repairs, LED headlight, brake pads, valve adjust, steering bearing lube, breather tube, swingarm debris/spray protector, choke spring, and lots of misc lubrication and fastener replacement.  

Still to come include fork oil + internals and final reassembly of the rear wheel/drive, plus chasing whatever oil leaks I haven't become aware of yet :).  TBD whether the injectors need official cleaning or just a couple tanks of fresh gas and some mysterious additive.  I'm in line for the next run of Roper plates.

The bike does have a couple nice bits I'm hoping make it really sound like a Guzzi and run properly.  The Ferracci pipes and Power Commander it came with are cause for optimism. 

Will post when complete, including some minor successes and additional details in the appropriate technical topic areas if it feels like anything I did worked especially well or is a minor deviation from the already extensive documentation.   

Anyway, serious thanks again.  Without the forum I'd have been less confident and slower about it all for sure and would have had more hard-way lessons - even with a manual, which I do have.  But you all know that.  Appreciated!





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