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Looking for EVAP hose connections


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I'm trying to locate the actual fittings on my '03 that correspond to item #5 on the attached diagram of the EVAP system.  The "T" fitting on mine is broken off and as dumb as it sounds I haven't had any success in tracing the hose path to find the connection spot(s) at the throttle body.

Can someone please post an actual photograph of where those fittings are and what they look like?

Are they upstream of the throttle plate or downstream? I would think they'd need to be downstream to operate in a state of vacuum but I'm just not seeing anything there on my bike.


V11 EVAP pic.png

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@rydfly, they are fitted to the outboard side of the alloy intakes right at the junction with the head. A previous owner has likely replaced yours with a solid fastener and removed the nipples.


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6 hours ago, rydfly said:

Thank you @docc! It looks like that’s exactly what I have going on. Odd that they left the rest of the hardware though.  They just yanked out the two pieces of hose at the T-fitting. 

Removing all the rest, including the two canisters and the cadmium plated bracket off the back of the engine sump, along with twenty feet (yep:20!) of heavy fuel line from the bike is a hassle, but sheds five pounds. And gives you your tool tray back.

I distinctly recall the fastener for the lower bracket is in a hole contiguous with the oil sump. Oh, yeah, that oil will share itself with your garage floor in an exuberant fashion!

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