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170 60 17 rear tire…. Pirelli discontinued!?


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Fronts are easy to find, Art.. rears however.. not so much. The best set I've found so far were Conti scoots. Comma but, they were recalled and they bought me some Angel scooter tires. I *can* get a sport demon front in the proper size for the rear and run it backwards..but I've never tried that.

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Oh, I thought I was fortunate to find a 16" front and also a rear that were same make/model in the appropriate size (whatever that is) tire.  Not that it matters to me because I don't think I'll be burning through the BT46's ever because the LMIVSE doesn't see alot of action these days but wonder about speed and load ratings of the scooter tires.  I'd probably never take the bike over 80/85mph however, the bike is capable of 135+mph in the hands of someone more daring.  And then there is the overall weight of the bike which I think is definitely heavier than a scooter.  Of ourse there are some big scooters out there in the 600cc neighborhood.....Honda Silverwing 600 comes to mind...weighs as much as the LMIVSE I think.  IDK, I'm just rambling, thinking out loud, getting off track and gotta focus on a pair of tires for my '03 Lemans.  

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