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No Start and guzzidiag question


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11 hours ago, Gritman said:

My two pennorth on the tps discussion…. About a decade ago I built my first V10 engined V11 and at that time Guzzidiag was relatively new and while aware of it, I’d not used it. I’d seen folks doing the engine swap and keeping the 16M. I’d had some experience of the 16M fitting a Creedon chip to my Centauro, but liked the idea of the 15M and using Guzzidiag to dial in the fuelling etc. I’d also lusted after an MGS01 and noted that it too used the 15M. I chose to use a V11 donor bike for the 6-speed box (MGS01 again) hydraulic clutch, better transmission and - importantly - the shorter wheelbase and steeper fork rake of the earlier models. Still got that bike and love it. It still wasn’t quite there though. A bit too heavy and you can never have too much power 💪. With a spare V10 motor sitting in the workshop, the idea of my (presently troublesome)project bike began to form. So some 7 years later and lighter by way more than I’d budgeted, here we are. IMHO this is a poor man’s MGS01, and considered that way it’s quite a bargain - and with its old school appearance looks the dogs bollocks. It’s a shame that I’ve aged so much and ruined a shoulder in the meantime but  blasting around the Dorset countryside on it makes me as happy as any man has the right to be. 

 This wonderful forum has been a source of technical know how, advice and moral support throughout all this! Thanks and Ride on Brothers👍

Now, time to go and get some new plugs and fuel and sort this thing out. Summers coming 🌞 

This reminds me the MGS01 came with the 15M and PF09. Next time I connect GD I'll select MGS01 from the drop down box.



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2 hours ago, Lucky Phil said:

 Next time I connect GD I'll select MGS01 from the drop down box.

Probably not relevant for me, but tell us what happens.



Do it tomorrow. I'm curious. :whistle:

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On 3/7/2024 at 10:11 PM, Lucky Phil said:

How old is the fuel? Does it have actual fuel pressure ( I know the plugs are wet but maybe the fuel pressure is low and that just causes fuel puddling worse than normal in the intake manifold and drowns the spark) how long since it's been previously run? Are you using std plugs or fine wire plugs? ( once FW plugs are fouled they are junk) Not sure about the GD issue. How do you select the model of bike from the drop down box? I use V11 Sport for my V10 Sport with the same ECU and TPS as you but I'm not sure if I get the IAW15M PF09 or IAW15M PF03C. I think the latter. The TPS identifier shouldn't matter as they are both non linier but what std model uses a 15M PF09 configuration? I can't think of any unless GD reads the actual TPS fitted.

My bike used to be very hard to start and keep running during warm up before I re mapped the cranking enrichment map and revised the engine temp enrichment break points which were based on the V11 sport 2 valve engine in my original 8 valve maps. Now it's very good to start and warm up. There is a process however. Open the fast idle 90% and don't touch the throttle and it fires up withing a few seconds on the starter and goes to 1800 rpm. From there you can back off the fast idle to around 1500 rpm and after about 30 seconds you can use it to keep the rpm at that figure for a minute or two then ride it. 


So, this months prize for remote problem diagnosis goes to @Lucky Phil:drink:

New plugs arrived and tank charged with fresh fuel, prodded the start buttons and BINGO! She lives and breathes. Obviously I'm a very happy bunny and now looking forward to some dry weather so I can check that the gearbox rebuild has been successful.

Thanks Lucky Phil.

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