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    Relay selection developed into a long investigation with a promising outcome. The "Best Relay" thread specifies the OMRON G8HE-1C7T-R-DC12 High Current relay. I've seen all kinds of attempts to use something lesser, but why? No question tachometer issues along with running issues commonly = Relay#2. Relay#5 (the back one) is the other high current position, but replacing the entire set is a good idea. There can also be issues with the connections in the relay bases. I like to use an electronics cleaner and Caig DeOxit®. Kiwi_Roy gave us a whole tutorial on servicing loose relay bases: Relay Base Repair
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    I've been switiching back and forth between the V11 and Norton lately. Both make the commute to work a blast.
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    Start here with basic tune up:
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    Looking at the gallery post methinks gatorman has a California not a V11.
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    Sounds like you have 4corsa's old Scura. He sold after owning for 5 years.
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    Hey wait a minute here. I have Scura #599. Maybe your bike listings need an update !
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    Drove past one of the mosques where the shooting occurred yesterday and am staying in a motel only about a km away. There are still three armed cops outside but they, and everyone else, seemed fairly relaxed. It's amazing what an incredible amount of solidarity this tragedy has engendered in NZ and the prime minister and the rest of the parliament have behaved with a level of strength, leadership and decorum that should be a blazing torch for other polities around the globe. When I look at the enormous, raging clusterfuques that represent most other English speaking 'Democracies' at the moment it is reassuring to see that the system can work and it is possible to say no to bigotry and hate. Would that my own country would embrace such high minded and common sense ideals. Sadly I fear that successive governments of all stripes have allowed racists to crawl out from under their rocks without being stamped on immediately. That, along with social media platforms that allow isolated individuals to band together and reinforce each other's hate have made a fertile dung-heap in which bigotry can thrive. In my youth I spent a fair bit of time at anti racism marches, sometimes even punching on with racists. I was really hoping to have left all that behind but now, in my sixties and half a world away from the country of my youth it looks like I may have to do it again! That sucks! I've got a dicky heart, fuqued lungs and can't walk very far nowadays, (A packet of darts a day for fifty years will do that to you!) but shit like this is important! For our kids and the future of mankind.
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    Brexit is still mithering on 2 years later, with UK politicians wanting to have their cake and eat it. New Zealand just had some bad news last Friday too. Our biggest mass shooting ever. A white supremacy nut killed 51 citizens and hurt lots more. The police caught him while he was on the way to kill more, within 21 minutes, without firing a shot. Good job NZ Cops! Then the NZ government, within 6 days, outlawed military style semi automatic rifles, and high capacity magazines. Now I'm a gun owner, but I think we failed badly not to copy Australia's lead on gun control 2 decades ago. Good job NZ Government! Even though it is too late for 51 people. Now they need to get to work on the reporting and treatment of haters who enable/encourage mass shooters.
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    You guys know what a V11 devotee I am, but this has me a bit buzzed up . . .
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    Wowsie, you got a very rare MOTO GUZZI SPORT ELEPHANT! Watch out that it doesn't sit on those other midget bikes.
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