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  1. Very nice! I will ruffle some feathers, but I never liked the LeMans V11 fairing. Now the 850 version (in red with orange sides) would llook so nice on a red V11. Hey, I have one in my garage! But, I would need LeMans bars to complete the look, but the Ballabio bars might just work. (mind racing...).
  2. Welcome, beckerman! Out of decency, in a 12-month riding-year state, do put a few miles on it. It's true that your have to head to Georgia to find any twisty roads (or ride Hghway 41 at the ton). Oh, and you can bin that rotary phone! They make Princess phones now. Little humor(?) there...
  3. I watch Dr. John Campbell on YouTube. He is pretty much Covid central there. https://www.youtube.com/user/Campbellteaching
  4. Last year I did not go to Fiji because of Covid. All the other years I didn't go because I was poor.
  5. We are a well aged population, and more subject to every disease. The media has gone insane over perpetrating hysteria over the virus. I saw that in the 1 1/2 minutes that I could stand to watch it. I am intentionally immune suppressed, as my transplanted immune system kills cancer but also wants to kill me. I am not the slightest bit worried about the virus - this from someone who may only partially respond to the vaccine, if at all. Worry = lack of peace. My world view teaches that worry indicates a lack of faith. So, I work on that. Regarding all of the social and political turmoil,
  6. In the firearms collector world, there are innumerable scams that have cribbed a pic off the web and posted an ad. If they respond, it is clear that their command of English is poor and that they simply want your money. The lack of a response speaks volumes.
  7. I would fab up a pair of .30 cal air-cooled MG barrels to poke out the front. Air cooled. MG. It all fits.
  8. The equivalent of a boxer leading with his chin.
  9. You could powder coat it and spray clear over it with "flex" mixed in to avoid rock chips. That requires a mixable 2K paint, however. Much cheaper and garage doable is 3M Paint Defender, an aerosol clearcoat that sprays on thick and protects from rock chips. Lasts about one year on cars and can be peeled off and re-sprayed as needed.
  10. Bet they demanded cash up front!
  11. It was all fixed via using a single float bowl off to the side. As to cranks, never heard the German bit. I do know the the early ones with a cross-plane crank have the traditional V8 sound, while the later flat crank models (gotta re-do all that ignition and cam timing), sound like the two 4 cylinder inlines, which essentially it is. Despite all of its flaws, it was an astounding bit of accomplishment in still-rebuilding-from-the-war Italy. It was compared to nothing contemporary. Rather, everything else, for some years on, was compared to it.
  12. po18guy

    V11 wanted

    Welcome from the land of evil spirits! Nice Rosso. Low mileage, I would suspect. The good news is that you have dodged the pesky problems of the early bikes. The "rest of the story" is that these bikes have loads of personality - even if that personality is bi-polar at times, passive-aggressive at others, and occasionally, what I refer to as "improved French" The transmission has a neutral but no owner does.
  13. This is the later flat crank model.
  14. BUNA-N, i.e. Nitrile. The "garter" spring indicates a seal which can take some heat and pressure. Ya' know, you can get 15-26-7 double BUNA-N sealed ball bearings. A thin film of RTV to seal it against shaft and housing. The only problem is that shifting might be so smooth and effortless that there would be an apocalyptic, horrific reaction in all of nature.
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