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  1. One could also fab up a lid out of 1/4" ABS sheet with inlets sized and placed wherever desired.
  2. The point is to keep moving! The OEM system is actually a supplemental cylinder heads cooling vacuum. Actually, along the spine up to the steering head would be ideal - except for all those thingies in the way.
  3. My idea, yet to be realized, is to open the snorkels about 2" in front of the box lid, then run 2.25" or 2.5" 45º bend silicone car turbo hoses down at a 45 from each, then forward as far they will go. Could top them with velocity stack screens. Dunno.
  4. The full "decent tune-up" is an excellent place to start. The TPS and CO are important, but so is synching the throttle bodies. Can make a huge difference. Just before synching, give that white knob a full turn and watch how she runs. If you are replacing intake rubbers and cannot therm to separate from the head, try that and they should "pop" right off. The early XS650 Yamahas had totally separate CV Mikuni 38s. Synching them was an exercise in futility. I finally installed a balance tube from diaphragm to diaphragm and while that helped, the cure was linked carbs, which Yamaha came up with as part of their emissions work on the ancient air-cooled two valve engine.
  5. As far back as I can remember, every Guzzi has been an owner involvement relationship. Not for the casual, the weekend warrior, or the urban poseur. In recent years, that has sadly been PeeAhGeeOh's aim.
  6. Here's a vid with some close-up details and some fellow gushing over it. With slightly lower bars, it might be seen as a NewGen Cafe Sport/Coppa Italia with the standard model a Novo Ballabio perhaps.
  7. I was going to say that, the more any future model (or aftermarket body kits) looks like the MGS-01, the better!
  8. Someone here is going to have to take one for the team and buy one. On the upside, the exhaust now appears to replace the old spark plug/head guard.
  9. Basil Fawlty (John Cleese) in Fawlty Towers listening to a portable cassette player. Wife Sybil: "Basil, turn off that racket" Basil: "That's Brahms... ...Brahms 5th racket!!!"
  10. Well, I had a 283 that I built and that much is true. Our ears catch that 270º interval even out of the eight cylinders. There's an engineering fellow who has posted YouTube vids showing why various engines sound differently. It can be the number of cylinders, the firing interval between cylinders, or both. The cross-plane Yamaha R1 is completely unique. By firing interval, it is kind of like two Guzzi engines linked together. But it also has a hint of that V8 sound. And here is Guzzi, Ducati etc. 270º twins. In my youth, I would have thought it sounds like a 289 Studebaker, 327 Rambler, or 352 Packard. Of course, all are cross-plane V8s, so sound alike.
  11. Drifting here, but the pendulum swings. Just too slowly for my taste.
  12. It has traces of the angry chicken 'tard look, which makes me want a naked bike. But, people are lining up to buy 'tards. Motards, that is. Give 'em time and money. They'll at least come up with a sporty look.
  13. Government is human power over other humans. It takes on a life of its own. It is a cancer and grows until something or someone stops it. I have experienced both.
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