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  1. Thank you. If anything, the Guzzi has maxed out valve sizes, as proportionately they are a larger percentage of the chamber than the vaunted hemi of lore.
  2. The V11 combustion chamber and piston are very similar to the 1964 Chrysler 426 Hemi. Advantage to the car engine for liquid cooling. Disadvantage for iron which tends to hold hot spots more than aluminum. At Guzzi's claim of 91 BHP, size-for-size, it would make 600 BHP in 7.0 litres, whereas Chrylser's 426 made a 'claimed' 425 gross HP. Some sources claimed that it made more like 550 BHP, but those were claims only.
  3. I would shoot him an email and see what he thinks - since he does not repair them for free. Say, do we have pics of your Coppa?
  4. My 1966 305cc YM1 has a crossover hose connecting the tank "halves." Oh, those inscrutable Japanese!
  5. Well that makes two Ballabios in King County and another in Vancouver. Got confused as Phillarsen has a Ballabio up in B.C.
  6. Oh, B.C.'s weather is not that nice... Wait! I thought Bbennett was in Vancouver...???
  7. There was a class action law suit against Honda for the filter orientation on Elements and CRVs. You can barely see the filter boss from undeerneath and some filter gaskets were sticking during changes. Oil squirted around the double gaskets and onto the adjacent exhaust header and many vehicles burnt to the ground. All because the quick lube dude (or SAE-certified Honda tech) did not check to see if the gasket came out with the filter.
  8. Fair enough. 122 rear wheel is not likely at all - or the motor was tuned to the edge thus making it a grenade. And, since the term bragadoccio is Italian, one can figure that it was at the crank, on a cool day, with avgas, on a slightly out of certification dyno and with refreshments from nearby Peroni. Never seen a dyno run of an MGS. For comparison (the same caveats apply) the 1187 liquid cooled Morini is rated at 140HP in street form. Can either figure be true? Or just true conjecture.
  9. Oh, probably the way my brain is (mis)wired, among other things. Bear in mind that in high school I drew an engine with solenoid valves and another solenoid-valve engine with no crankshaft. - never mind that one. Too many ideas, too little time and money. Were I born Malcolm Forbes, I might have acted on some of those ideas, but the down side is that I would also be dead now. I'm close enough as is. Primarily, I was musing, which seems to be my occupation of late. As to the HP, anything is possible and many figures have been claimed. Air cooling was limiting on compression, but 100HP/Lit
  10. 1. 122HP is certainly possible in race form. 2. 110 HP maybe in street guise. 3. Still no idea why an 8000 RPM engine needs such an incredibly complex and clearly added-on valve train. All of that monkey motion and they could have stuck with pushrods (which they still have!) operating those 8 valves. The 8V small block was a disaster, but that seems not to be the case with the long rockers on the MGS-01.
  11. No go in Washington State. 30 years minimum. They want that additional 15 years' licensing income. And you thought the BC government was money-hungry! Kinda nice to know I have one of 223. Wonder how many made it to the US.
  12. One in a similar state had migrated to Seattle, WA. As of last year, it was advertised for $55,000. I see that they still have it and have deeply discounted it to 50K asking. It has apparently been serviced and ridden a short distance. https://seattleusedbikes.com/motorcycle/2004-moto-guzzi-mgs-01-corsa
  13. Any good independent shop should be willing and able to handle all of it, but they may freak when they see the filter in the sump. Fluids? Maybe a Duc shop might risk it, as they do Brembo hydraulics. As to tires, Cycle Gear will do the tires if you buy them there. Arizona Mesa(480) 969-5555 Peoria(602) 313-6371 Phoenix(602) 971-1630 Surprise(623) 474-3335 Tucson(520) 882-8111
  14. Pirelli 45.5% owned by ChemChina. Bias ply Sport Demons are made in Brazil. The others...???
  15. Michelin Pilot Road 3s came with big red. I get the feeling that the tire profile is not that well suited to the bike. It definitely corners better on the gas than neutral or overrun. Might be the tires, the Guzzi or the 180>170 thing. I see folks raving about the Conti Road Attack 3. Certainly not an inexpensive tire, but what price confidence?
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