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  1. If you notice, the wheel is not exactly centered in the swingarm. The drive unit on the right protrudes further than the brake does on the left. So, the pegs have to move outward to make clearance for swingarm travel. Somewhat like the Lord, the Italians write straight using crooked lines.
  2. Try a pair of these: NGK CR6 individual wires. About $18/per. 5K resistance cap. Other specs are on the eBay listing. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NGK-Racing-Wire-90deg-Solid-Resistor-Cover-100cm-90-100cm-8736-N-CR6/333270758936?epid=171310303&hash=item4d987c3618:g:kyQAAOSwv7BdMMC8
  3. I seem to recall they were Canadian blades. It seems to me that all that matters is the mounting thread diameter and pitch and the minimum pressure required to make/break contact. I see that Rock Auto offers a lifetime warranty on their units. Question is, which one fits and functions?
  4. The triple crown! A family portrait including grandpa, son and grandson.
  5. +1. Far easier and better to create, manage and upload than all others I have sampled.
  6. Tridon wiper blade refills are common in the states.
  7. I was just echoing what has gone before. Don't know any X-ray techs, so we're stuck for the time being. One possibility might be to contact the guys who work on air-cooled VWs. The odos in Beetle And Super Beetle gauges fail constantly.
  8. I would think that if one had a thoroughly hashed unit to sacrifice, you could peel it apart and determine the location of the worm gear. Then, find the best location to drill a small hole in the housing for access to the worm gear from outside. Drilling that hole in the housing of a good unit would allow a high quality lube like Mobil1 or Valvoline synthetic grease to be applied to the worm gear by Q-tip or similar, from outside. No need to tear it apart. The access hole could be easily plugged (or even taped over) once done. Am assuming here that it is constructed like most gauges. To tear it apart essentially involves slowly peeling the crimped aluminum rim from around the lens and housing, pulling it apart to do the repair, then finding a way to re-crimp the rim without it looking terrible. Problem is that the crimp most likely compresses the gasket which seals it from the elements.
  9. If you don;t mind one in clicks, here's an NOS Coppa Italia unit in Holland. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Moto-Guzzi-SPEEDO-V11-COPPA-ITALIA-017615600000-GU017615600000-GU0176156-0176/133234636723?hash=item1f056737b3:g:T-gAAOSwCRNdzYAG
  10. Front binders non-radial. Kinda like an Elvis impersonator, but if you squint your eyes just right...
  11. Just for docc: An MGS-01 body kit in oh-so-silver. Here's an interesting game: Find the hidden Centauro...
  12. Would be really nice to see a dyno chart of pre and post flash bikes - no other mods. That, and practical fuel mileage on a designated loop of travel. Beyond the purview of this forum - at least so far...
  13. Ah, who needs one? I heard those high cam engines have nothing but valve train problems. Now, if there was an MGS-01 body kit for V11s, that would be different...
  14. Gotta suggestion stateside? Cuz' posting it to OZ costs almost what the bike did!
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