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  1. Well, at 120-130K one-handed, it is rather peaceful. Downside: Every kid in a slammed Civic or Jetta wants to race.
  2. Nice! Almost exactly the mileage on my '04 when I bought it. As to desireability, a "homeless" young woman holding a cardboard sign at the freeway off-ramp stopped begging for a moment and said "Nice bike." I'll grant you that I have the red version.
  3. Oh yeah. Wrestled with that bit on my '04. It is a combo rim attachment/anti-crush device that is apparently installed at the factory with the light pointing vertically.
  4. If I can buy fresh Mikuni VM24 carb tops for my 1966 Yamaha, then someone will certainly step up in the case of Guzzi. And, higher grade materials would likely be used, if one is going to all that trouble.
  5. Sparkly is my once per year favorite. Have a bottle of Dom PĂ©rignon standing by.
  6. Any discernible difference in offset? It's meant to clamp 54mm tubes. Are the early V11 fork tubes that size?
  7. Guzzis are quite idiosyncratic. It's just that they idioSYNCH perfectly with a select few humanoids.
  8. This video is a hoot to watch. Hilarious Aussie take (oh, I'll hear about that...) on Italian engineering and craftsmanship. Was laughing out loud. Even though Jay confused the bevel drive with the Desmo system.
  9. Friends don't let friends have Guzzi-less dreams. Guzzi-loss?
  10. And how is it supposed to buzz the tower?
  11. Two reason for hope: 1. I'll probably be dead by then and 2. The world may end. Does it occur to no one at Airbus that man may create that which is possibly equal to himself (but not self-repairing!) but certainly not greater? Sounds rather arrogant. I am reminded of ED209 in Robocop: I'm sure it's only a glitch"
  12. Autopilot is a doubled-edged sword. It helps alleviate pilot fatigue, but it in some way relegates the pilot to "aircraft attendant." When it comes time to do some emergency seat of the pants flying, we see some spectacular and tragic results. Similar things happen in cars and trucks, but planes make the news.
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