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  1. I'll certainly e watching more of it.
  2. This popped up on my YouTube feed and it's a rather nicely done Tonti - well, 3/4 of a Tonti anyway, as he explains.
  3. Fellow on eBay - someone here may know him - has various clearance Ducati stuff. Also some Guzzi, Triumph, Morini etc. bits. Seems like he shops at the factory or??? The 2000-on Monster CF fairing might just fit with some mods to the mount kit. No windshield screws. Faux Scura anyone? Or a new 748 head for $24.99? Nice coffee table or garage wall conversation starter. New 600 Monster Marzocchi forks for $99.50 (caveat: both are right side). He also has some Duc speedos and tachs - was there any interchange with Guzzi?
  4. Well, so much for that idea. On my TX650 Yam, the oil breather dripped constantly. So, I bored a hole in the left case just over the primary sprocket. Rode 15k around the US one summer and the chain was fine. Guzzi. Well, that's quite another story.
  5. After a rocker ate the intake cam in my Kawi 500, I installed an oil drain plug from GoldPlug. Made in USA even. No listing for Guzzi specifically, but they surely have one to fit.
  6. What an absolute horror. Despite the enormity of it all, having some experience in the cancer realm, I can say that children are amazingly resilient. They can tolerate levels of treatment that we cannot, and tend to bounce right back. Sending prayers heavenward!
  7. Have any stichery skills? A black nylon bandoleer of magnets wrapped around and velcroed in place would give you that 24/7 tactical all Molle all the time look.
  8. It is said that there will always be an England. That aside, there will certainly always be an Italy - their disorder has become such an ingrained structure that it cannot collapse upon itself.
  9. I notice how it takes the Dr. John Wittners, the Erik Buells, the @#$$#! Fishers of this world to think far outside the box, to make progress with exciting, desirable motorcycles, and then to fade to obscurity after the powers that be stomp them out like a brush fire.
  10. Yes, although it was a 72º V of 1125cc. Erik Buell was crushed by HD while Dan Fischer was euthanized by Rotax, who lead him on as to engine availability.
  11. I must admit that, since the original Tuono and Falco, I have not been all that enamored of their offerings. The Shiver was very close but too tepid. But this 660 is still pretty sporty as riding positions go, but I think doable. The Tuono would be the hot seller, as things go these days. Sat on a Duc 937 SS a couple of years ago, and it was one of those few bikes that "just fit." Will have to wait on this one, since they have only teaser ads at this time. Maybe just me, but something about the 660 seemed familiar - if only by type. And, in an odd twist, Aprilia was involved. Looking at
  12. We are a hard bunch to please. How about this Greenie w/matching wheels?
  13. This current generation of smaller, less ambitious, hipster flannel Vs is the first out of Mandello del Lario that are genuine fakes. Intentional fakes. Costume bikes. Oh, one might point to the underachieving LM II and III etc, but it was not for lack of trying. Guzzi had zero cash, ever on the ropes as a seemingly endless succession of owners all pointing in different directions indifferently. Now that they have the money for a few diamonds, they are turning out rhinestones.
  14. If we write enough letters, maybe they'll put it in a scooter. The Scarabeo 660! One could then hold match races with Suzuki Burgmans... Alright, enough depressing thoughts.
  15. Simultaneously posted this... That would have made choosing the V11 much more difficult than it was. Just coincidentally, Morini is advertizing a "new 660cc twin..." But theirs is an Adv bike :-(
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