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  1. From this fellow '04 Ballabio owner, you are only a pair of slipons away from motoring bliss - that is if you are not there already. Am going to have to break away and get a shot on Snoqualmie Pass before the road turns white.
  2. Dad (who never had a Guzzi) bought his 1941 8C w/C-75 in 1950 for $500 and flew it home. Rebuilt it ground up, wind-drive generator w/spinner, Aeronca Chief wheelpants, Ford model A tank behind the cockpit, and a brick of then revolutionary NiCd batteries. You could do that stuff back then. Doped up the wings in our backyard - bro and I bucking rivets inside the fuselage at the tail, as no one else would fit. Still have the smell of Never-Dull in my olfactories. Dad enjoyed running away from his buddies who were in T-crafts, various airknockers etc. It's still registered and flying in the Por
  3. Decent enough, but the V11 Tonti café was more my cup of Java. And the (apparently) lightened flywheel allowed it to rev crazy quick.
  4. Looks like you have a few problems to iron out! So it is with rag wings. Say, is there a Luscombe in your flying past?
  5. It is unlikely that Ducati copied Guzzi's brilliant and weight-saving trick of zip-tying the wiring to the master cylinder's output boss... Here is a brake reservoir upgrade (non-leaky) that I will soon pony up for. Since I cannot find them stateside, maybe this UK seller has a line on Brembo-Guzzi kits. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MOTO-GUZZI-V11-SPORT-FRONT-BRAKE-RESERVOIR-CAP-STIFFENER-PLATE-BREMBO-UPGRADE/372899891330?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  6. Truth to tell, look up the Arrow Sport. Cast iron Ford flathead V8 for power, through a reduction gear. Reputed to be slightly heavier than a Guzzi. Anyway, dad helped rebuild a Sport and on the maiden takeoff, said reduction gear decided to go on strike. Luckily, the private airstrip was surrounded by pastureland... Hey Chuck, it's not too late to re-purpose those spars and ribs and make a bold strike for antiquity. Airframe would reportedly support a V11...
  7. A Guzzi-engined aircraft created an entire new category: Ultraheavies.
  8. po18guy

    '03 V11's

    '03 introduced the 43mm fork stanchions. Curiously, my '04 has the forward crossover, but no lambda sensor. The ECU may have been 'tinkered' with, as it has an unreadable sticker over the original M-M sticker. I guess that the connecting rod oil jet, the .5 increase in compression and the forward crossover contributed to increased midrange(?) The reversed positions of horn button and turn signal - who knows? Just guessing here, but they must do a lot more audible than visual signalling in Italy. After all, gotta take at least one hand off the bars to give the international salute to erra
  9. Huh. Had that Stinson-ish look from the side. There is something aircraft-like about the Guzzi engine, maybe a slice of radial?
  10. Small tail Stinson? Franklin powered?
  11. From the ad: "all new fairing/body plastic and a new windshield," Who is the owner? Ben Down?
  12. Side and rear 3/4 of the Magni are fine. But the nose...the single headlight is fine. The Sfida 1100i is just horrid from the front aspect. The point of the custom V11 Tonti is the power and torque, the 6 speed and the top level suspension components. Oh, and the taste of the owner who paid for it all. It would look lovely in my garage. Frankly, IMO the MGS-01 smacks them all down, Ghezzi & Brian included. Kevin Cameron of Cycle Magazine called the MGS-01 "impossibly beautiful." Cannot disagree. If there was a body kit that wasn't too cheesy, I would be sorely tempted.
  13. May she rest in peace, and may her loved ones be consoled in this time of sorrow.
  14. Will be in Seattle Tomorrow at 11AM for a blood draw at SCCA - Eastlake and Mercer more or less. .
  15. Guzzi seems to be the Colt's Patent Firearms of motorcycles - no two intentionally built alike. The color/fairing/handlebar combinations are seemingly inexplicable. BTW, I will be in your home town (is it still standing?) in about 1.5 hours on my '04 Ballabio.
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