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  1. In for 2. As an aside, has anyone found something Guzzi-related to place on that massive expanse of tail piece? I am thinking of a "Motorcycles and Coffee" sticker from Schampa.
  2. Such pandemic/de-fund the police driving behavior has become a pandemic in itself. About 3 weeks ago near me, an 18 year old in an Audi was blasting down a 35 MPG suburban street at a measured 112 MPH. Sadly a van filled with home school kids was making a legal turn with a green light. The van driver and three children were killed instantly. Two of the van driver's children lived, but now have no mother. The Audi driver was broken up, but survived to go to prison. Licentious behavior carries unseen and tragic costs.
  3. There is a farm co-op in my state. They sell 92 octane E-0.
  4. I must admit that I have not had a pop back since switching to ethanol-free 92 octane. Here is a website which shows many US and Canadian locations for ethanol-fre gas. https://www.pure-gas.org/ Costs more but my fuel tank says it likes it.
  5. A co-worker at Boeing in the 70s had an H2 750. Scariest bike I ever roe. Never heard what became of him...
  6. My son uses it in his homemade barbecue sauce. He looks for malty beer and avoids the too-hoppy stuff. I am not a beer drinker, or a drinker at all really, but I found the smoked beer more tolerable than all the others. At least the 2 ounces I drink yearly.
  7. Aber nur ob sie eine Aufenthaltsgenehmigung haben!
  8. A properly sized pipe cleaner with something like naphtha or denatured alcohol can enter the female spade connectors for cleaning. Then Caig DeoxIt is a good reassembly precaution. In short, there are too many vulnerable weak links in the starting chain. The sidestand switch, neutral light, clutch safety switch and all relevant connections in addition to fuses and relays can truly confound troubleshooting. My malfunction, which has been chased away temporarily, is key on, pumps powers up, but not even a click at the starter button. Nothing. After a bump start and the usual riding vibration, all is again good.
  9. I think that in Germany the Cali is a type of Continental Harley - but one where you can actually drive to the factory if you need to agitate for parts.
  10. It asks me to sign in(?) I think that potential buyers view the 38K miles with suspicion, as many bikes are in need of freshening at that point. As well the Cali was meant to evoke the 1060s-1970s San Francisco PD Guzzis and that may narrow the field even more. It is getting to the point where listing compression check results might help. These bikes are exotic, rare and eccentric in the grand scheme of things, but that does not always translate into desirable. The sporting side of Guzzi always attracted more eyes, as the US market is awash in cruisers.
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