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  1. Killer deal! I would almost see if someone might want to make a cast of it or measure the coordinates for a CNC duplicate. We're all one get-off from needing another timing cover.
  2. D'Oh, probably, dang it! Too pricey for the work it will need. Crappy header wrap is coming undone, and I see the rear master cylinder shield is gone. What else?
  3. Another mysterious Scura, $9K, in Sacramento. https://sacramento.craigslist.org/mcd/d/las-vegas-2002-moto-guzzi-v11-sport/7071357568.html
  4. I see that banana-swingarmed "newer and more exciting" spouse in the background...
  5. Would try it myself, but DW assures me that my obit would be the last thing posted here.
  6. Phil, getting closer and closer. Wondering if the whole mess would fit better in a long frame? Nevertheless, we use what we have.
  7. And why not? I was looking at the Shiver 750 and then the 900, but Mandello called.
  8. Dunno of any of the Yanks are using the Yuasa YUAM6215L / YTX15L-BS AGM battery. Last I hears they were still made in Reading, Pennsylvania. $73 shipped via Amazon. I was grumping about the Yuasa AGM in my Kawi going bad this winter - then I checked my log book and noticed that it was 9 years old. Well,, OK then.
  9. Zero mile Greenie, $44??? OK, it's 1/12 scale, but still tempting. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MOTO-GUZZI-V11-SPORT-NEWRAY-DIE-CAST-1-12-NEW-IN-BOX-VERDE-LEGNANO/283777269881?hash=item4212718079:g:FEwAAOSwJFVeQGVg
  10. Yeah, pretty soon, we'll need our own forum! Oh, wait...
  11. Searching for parts, this one just turned up in Texas. Starting bid $3,500. Appears to have a Corbin seat and comes with a pricey old-school café fairing extra. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2000-Moto-Guzzi-V11-Sport/124086408955?hash=item1ce42056fb:g:t18AAOSwEWpeSczX
  12. Sadly, we are such a niche within a niche market that only the old-school mom and pop dealerships had knowledge or concern about the "historic" bikes like the V11. I have had no contact with Optimum, but based on their site, it appears that they cater primarily to the hipster V7 Racer/V85 crowd.
  13. Easy! Sign up at Imgzeit for $11/year/ Super easy to use, add or delete images and was developed by a forum member. You'll never look back. Dang! I have the blue tail and was looking for a red one.
  14. Well, the side covers still say V11 Sport. It's the year (long frame) and sub-model that make the difference. maxv11, what color is the tail fairing?
  15. According to Yelp, Portland Aprilia/Guzzi is DOA. https://www.yelp.com/biz/aprilia-moto-guzzi-portland-portland I think that gstallons' suggestion to contact Barnett is excellent. They make "one-offs" http://www.barnettclutches.com/cables.html
  16. Maybe Paine Field? I would still lean toward aircraft welders, as they are under more scrutiny. And, leave it to Guzzi to make the engine a stressed member, but only via the timing cover(?) Back to Jeep: they did the motor mount on the timing cover of their technically advanced OHC 230 six cylinder in the early 60s and had nothing but oil leaks. Solved by using block mounts but the die had been cast, so to speak.
  17. In best Mr. T accent: "I pity the fool who threw his cracked timing cover away." This forum has the talent (and desire) to engineer springs better than Paiggio. If need arose, could we 3D print or do CNC timing cover replacements? Years ago, AMC/Jeep had no V8 timing covers available, as they were out of print since '91 or so. Rather Guzzi-like, they wore out due to lack of bushings for the oil pump drive shaft. So, one (or more) companies reverse-engineered the cover and they are once again available, and better than the originals. The difference? They were originally done by employees, but re-done by aficionados. Like the shift mechanism springs.
  18. I have watched 'miracle' spark plugs come and go over the decades. From the 1960s J.C. Whitney 'Fire Injectors' to multi electrode, surface gap (was good in old-school 2-strokes), rare element metals to every manner of improving the mousetrap. In the late 60s, friends and I added all of the J.C.Whitney claims for their catalog gizmos and doo-dads when added to an air-cooled VW bug. We ended up with something like 400HP. For less than $200. Then we wondered where skepticism comes from... The Iridium plug with narrow ground electrode and fine center wire strikes me as being as good as we will get using electrical discharge technology. Better wires help, but better coils will probably do more than that. All three in combination would be the best, as the OEM components are always tilting toward the cost accountants. With the V11, we are talking early aviation combustion chamber tech. Air cooling. Wide valve angle. Heavily domed pistons. Limited compression ratios - especially with what passes for gasoline/petrol these days. Dual plugs help with such a large chamber, but it is the basic design that is the primary limiting factor.
  19. In a rare cognitive moment, I checked the member map.
  20. Here's a crankcase set w/cover - but it's a V11 EV (the same?) https://www.ebay.com/itm/1998-Moto-Guzzi-V11-1100-California-EV-Crankcase-Engine-Motor-Bottom-GU30000770/264430514889?hash=item3d914972c9:g:Q7MAAOSwa~1dU7j3 Sooner or later, a CNC programmer might have to develop a program to make these, what with their susceptibility to breakage and being made of unobtanium.
  21. WA? Western Australia? Lotsa bush mechanics that can make it like new. Washington State? A veritable plethora of good welders. Go to a welding supply shop and ask them who's the best. Or a hot rod shop, as cast alloy transmissions housings break and need welding.
  22. It is a rather unfortunate location for a load-bearing mount point, Nevertheless, live near an airport? Hiring an airframe & powerplant welder would probably be expensive, but very good. As well, there may be spots on the cover, internal or external, for reinforcement plates or ribs to be added. A little smoothing and paint will make it less noticeable once done.
  23. For those times when I am out of coffee and I feel like some good old nonsense.
  24. What did I do? Well, I took the right mirror off and opened up the rather thick alloy handlebar inside diameter to accept the rubber mounting donut of a Ken Sean bar-end mirror. Of the two sizes provided with the mirrors, even the smaller of the two would not fit. After fitting the first donut, I concocted a design for a 2-piece delrin clamp, similar to the OEM bar end weights. Misery is the mother of invention.
  25. Were they owned by the same owner as Ducati Seattle and Hinshaw's in Auburn? If so, he got into serious financial trouble and the bank swooped in and carted everything off before locking the doors. EDIT: Apparently not, according to this article: https://www.redmond-reporter.com/business/financial-turmoil-contributed-to-ducati-redmond-closure-records-show/
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