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  1. Steve, I haven’t sold a V11 recently, but I have bought two over the past 18 to 20 months, which may help. I’m currently maxed out with V11’s as I have 5 of them at the moment. I bought a Rosso Corsa in March 2020, and I do plan to sell my 04 Le Mans, but haven’t got around to selling it yet, so I am interested in learning more about the current pricing situation if it’s any help for you I paid £6K for a mint 2003 Rosso Corsa with 14k miles on 18 months ago. The previous owner was downsizing his collection, and had paid considerably more than that from a well known Guzzi main dealer around 18 months previously. The Ohlins bikes are rare and I was happy with my purchase at that price. I bought it from an ebay ad. A few months previously I purchased an early red framed 1999 Sport, near mint with only 4000 miles and much money spent by the previous owner, I paid £4.2K almost 2 years ago Guzzi’s are always niche bikes, and I think the size of the potential market is relatively small, but may grow as these bikes approach classic status. I do try and keep an eye on prices, and I know a local main Kawasaki dealer sold an immaculate 1999 Greenie with fairly low miles in April for around £5.5K What I would ask though, is why change a V11 for a V85? A few weeks ago I left my silver 1999 Sport at the local Guzzi dealers for a throttle body balance (I’m not great at doing that). Later that day I walked back to their workshop to pick the bike up, the dealer had just taken delivery of a new black V85 demonstrator, and I was looking this over as their mechanic rolled into their parking lot having road tested my V11 after setting the throttle bodies. He saw me looking at their new V85 and said, you don’t want one of those, your V11 is way more fun to ride, he then spent the next couple of minutes explaining why he thought I’d be disappointed with the V85 knowing I usually ride V11’s and a Griso 8V I will book a test ride on a V85 just to see for myself, but I think you’ll miss the grunt of the V11, and as it’s a Ballabio it does have comfy bars rather than clip ons, which for me as I approach my 7th decade, are hard on my back after too few miles just my thoughts …. I have sent you a PM on ebay about your terrific carbon fiber belly pan
  2. Wow, there’s hours of entertainment in this thread Back in the 1970s and early 80s the UK importer for Guzzi’s and Ducati’s - Coburn & Hughes ran some wonderful ads, just right “ in tune” for those far-off times
  3. My 2003 Black framed burgundy Sport is one of my favorites, the ride is sublime, and it feels just a tad more planted on high speed sweepers compared to the Red frames. I guess that’s the extra fame bracing of the black frame
  4. Yeh, two red frames, a greenie and a silver one
  5. My Griso 8v and V11 LeMans. Both are amongst the best sporting Guzzi’s of recent years. The demise of the big block Guzzi’s is why I cannot get excited about anything in their current line up. Bobbers and small block Adventure bikes just don’t do it for me I’m afraid .....
  6. Hi I ought to add mine to the register, it’s a 2003 with 15,000 miles. Previous owner bought it from Teasdale Motorcycles (a Guzzi dealer here in the UK) I’ve hardly used it in the past year as I’m currently awash with V11’s and a Griso. For the past 3 months been using my Greenie, and my 1999 Silver red framed Sport
  7. Well done Hammershaug, after seeing your epic lowering and lifting of your Greenie in and out of your basement, I will never moan again about getting my bikes up a 110 mm step into the former stable that’s my current workshop, and I have the luxury of a ramp to tackle the ascent
  8. Ticknocker, your observation is correct. Looking at this again today, both the left and right t.b butterfly valves are not completely closed. There is a small gap between the butterfly blade and the t.b. even when the throttle is fully closed. It’s not a big gap but it’s there. Whilst idling should the t.b valves be totally closed? If they should do I do this by adjusting the link rod that couples the t.b’s together? Is the white knob by the LH t.b the idle adjustment control?
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