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  1. Guzzimax

    Another V11

    Hey vtwins4 life. Here in the UK there are only 478 MT01s registered, which makes it quite rare. It was never imported into the US. But to put the numbers into perspective there are only 206 V11 Sports (all years) in the entire UK - even rarer Guzzi’s have only sold in tiny numbers here
  2. Guzzimax

    Another V11

    Yep, it’s the Roadstar engine in a naked die-cast aluminium frame, upside down forks, R1 brakes, Akrapovic exhaust cans, bit of a unique machine
  3. Guzzimax

    Another V11

    What can I say about the MT01...a combination of a 1670 cc pushrod air-cooled V Twin with massive torque, something like 2600 rpm at 70 mph, but forks and brakes from an R1, all wrapped up in an aluminium frame, it’s a unique riding experiance. Didn’t sell well at all when launched in the UK as Yamaha were very over optimistic with their pricing, so they are now quite rare over here. Now getting more appreciation and becoming a little collectible.
  4. Guzzimax

    Another V11

    I think the Ballabio handlebars would be around the same height, but would angle the hands differently. The bars appear similar to those of my Griso, very comfortable when riding gently, but a lot of wind resistance when “making progress” but I suppose the Ballabio’s small (ugly) fairing would help a lot...
  5. Guzzimax

    Another V11

    My 2003 Sport has the crinkly engine paint, blank faced instruments, and clips ons that are above the triple clamps. It’s fitted with Mistral cans
  6. Guzzimax

    Another V11

    Opps something went wrong with the pic upload!
  7. Guzzimax

    Another V11

    My 2003 Sport has the black faced instruments
  8. Guzzimax

    Another V11

    The V11 LeMans, Griso and MT01
  9. Guzzimax

    Another V11

    My Rosso Corsa and V11 Sports
  10. Guzzimax

    Another V11

    Greetings everyone, first post but I’ve been lurking around for some time. I’m a long standing Guzzi owner with maybe too many V11’s and a Griso 8V. The current crew consist of an early red framed 1999 V11 Sport, a black framed 2003 V11 Sport, a recently purchased 2003 Rosso Corsa and a 2004 Le Mans which I’m planning to sell now that I’ve acquired the Rosso Corsa. I’ve seen a Ballabio that’s caught my attention, and I’m interested in your opinions if there is anything the Ballabio does that the “standard” V11 Sport doesn’t? Both my current red and black framed V11 Sports are keepers bein
  11. Guzzimax


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