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  1. Our other cat Sooty was assigned to guarding the Greenie, but she’s not really interested in the job
  2. We were worried that their salty sea-dogs would rip us to shreads I usually assign Lily our cat to V11 guard duty
  3. They were a bunch of scurvy desperadoes
  4. Today we were ambushed by a group of cut-throat pirates 🏴‍☠️
  5. Great summer evening at the local Guzzi meet
  6. The Guzzi Club GB’s tent is a serous bit of kit…
  7. Didn’t stay overnight at Mallory, had to miss out on the MGCGB Chinese dinner washed down with copious supplies of booze to return home for a family BBQ. Retuned to Mallory early Sunday morning on the Griso to mix the Guzzi display in the tent up a little. Outside the tent one of our club members was warming up his racing 1100 Sport (entry no 470) to chase the various Yamaha TZR750’s, 900 Ducati’s & the odd Laverda. It was the only spine frame Guzzi participating in that days classic racing inside the tent it reached 90 deg F which for us is seriously hot
  8. Mallory Park, Festival of 1000 bikes event this weekend organised by the Vintage & Classic motorcycle club, here is the Moto Guzzi Club GB “tent” being set up, we have several Guzzi’s on display including my Rosso Corsa Really hot day, temperatures reaching 85 F, lots of track day action on the circuit, fabulous opportunity to meet many other Guzzistas and see a wide variety of bikes classic & modern
  9. I spent 3 days last week in the Valleys between Swansea & Neath, and enjoyed sampling some Tomas Walkins Ale. There’s plenty of ale sunk in the valleys, it is an ex-mining region, and although the mines have long since closed the tradition lives on Here’s another gratuitous pic of my Rosso Corsa next to the Matlock telephone booth yesterday. The boozer is 20 yards away over the road, temperatures reached 80 deg F yesterday, the boozer was rammed
  10. Absolutely agree. I’ve never found a tyre shop willing to repair a run flat puncture. Even with a non deflated tyre that hasn’t been driven. I’ve even offered to take the wheel off the car, and take it to the tyre shop as a loose wheel to repair. No tyre shop will cooperate
  11. Gentlemen, thanks very much for your advice, I’ll try the mushroom plug, I’ve already ordered a new tyre but this 180/55 x 17 will fit my black framed V11’s so if I can salvage it and get some use from it, it makes a lot more sense than scrapping a virtually new tyre its been a bad month for tyres, 2 weeks ago whilst I was away my son was using my 330 Beemer, picked up a nail in a front tyre which deflated, but because it’s a run flat, it couldn’t be repaired, so a scrap tyre that was barely 5 months old, and being a front I can usually get +40,000 miles on RWD Beemers. I’d rather have a spare wheel & loose some truck space than the modern trend of run flats & tyre sealing foam… Rant over, thanks for your advice
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