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  1. Current daily drives for myself and the missus, 330 M Sport Pro & Z4 E89
  2. You have a MK 111 MG Midget I’ve had a BGTV8 (with the Buick alloy V8) for the past 30 years. These days I struggle to squeeze into a B let alone a Midget. Too many 🥧 pies
  3. We often seem to finish a ride at the cafe by that old red phone booth
  4. My silver V11 next to a friends Beemer are examples of the regulation size UK motorcycle plate. Note the old red phone kiosk, they were originally introduced in 1925, they are made from cast iron ! No longer used for pay telephones many were sold off a few years ago
  5. Hello Tom, my Greenie has a small plate & a tail tidy. The previous owner fitted it, and TBH I quite like smaller plates as the standard regulation size UK motorcycle plate seems huge, basically the same size that is fitted to a bus! and many folk over here do fit smaller (non conforming) small plates to many bikes. The police usually turn a “blind eye” to small plates unless they are crazily small. My Griso and MT01 also have small plates that aren’t strictly absolutely street legal. My silver & grape ape V11’s have standard plates that seem huge for bikes and are basically bus sized !
  6. No jesting, simply quoted what the folk at Mandello del Lario published in their manufacturers handbook. Whether or not they were jesting back then I cannot possibly know However if they were jesting in the past with the V11 / Griso stats who’s to say that they are still continuing the jesting with their claims for the V100
  7. 3 x V11 Sports. 2 red frames, one black. All in hibernation in the garage, I hate winter 🥶
  8. 94NM of torque from our old school, air cooled, 2V heads V11s 108NM from my old school air cooled, 4v heads Griso 1200 I’m confident that my old school Guzzi’s will have no issue in keeping up with a V100, however as I fast approach my 7th decade I’m not sure I’m up to it and I’m a mere sprog (youngster) compared to most in my Guzzi club. Most of us are north of 60. Heck I was riding a CX500 over 40 years ago and my then girlfriend had a V50 I’m not yet ready to downsize from a V11 to a Honda cub, but the years are passing by too fast
  9. Last year I replaced the intake boots on both my 1999 Silver V11 & 2003 “grape ape” V11. I noticed deep hairline cracking in the rubber boots and didn’t want the cracks progressing and causing air leaks so fitted new boots interesting point about the Ohlins steering damper. I’ll check my Rosso Corsa to see if it’s a Bitubo or Ohlins
  10. Another fabulous red framed black V11. I cannot recall seeing any black V11s here in the UK, ever. Only Greenies & the occasional silver. Don’t understand why, a black V11 has tremendous presence, it’s a great colour for large block sport Guzzi’s. Apologies for a gratuitous pic of my Griso
  11. Well it’s the middle of winter, can’t get out to ride, I’ve consumed too many pies & too much beer over the festive season, and by mid-March when I usually start riding again, all my gear will have shrunk over the winter At the NEC bike show in December I found this machine. It makes a V11 feel as compact as a FS1E
  12. They look like stock mirrors to me. TBH I’ve never found Guzzi hand grip vibration to be too intrusive. After riding my MT01 Yamahammer any distance, climbing aboard a V11 feels smooth in comparison. It’s all relative. I’d personally wait until Spring when you can get some miles in, before deciding if the handgrip vibes are too intrusive and a change of bar ends / mirrors are required My 1999 Silver Sport has stock mirrors, they have a glossy (not Matt) finish
  13. The Garner era Commando 961s were little changed from the original Kenny Dreer design (Norton Motorcycles Oregon). The engine is a 270 deg crank pushrod parallel twin with a balancer shaft and a dry sump The problem is that there was never the budget to properly engineer the power train, and the Garner era bikes are dogged with various quality & reliability problems. A friend of my son used to work for Norton a few years ago, and I have the benefit of first-hand inside knowledge of some of the fundamental technical problems that those 961s suffer from. Unless you want one as an ornament never to ride, I’d never recommend buying a Garner era Commando. However a properly re-engineered Commando with its design and QA problems solved would be a different story. There would be a market for a retro air cooled parallel twin carrying the legendary Norton name, that had been re-engineered to be reliable, and backed up by a company with the financial resource to stand behind their product
  14. I went to the show on 12 December, had a good discussion with the team on the Norton stand. They will initially build a batch of 28 Commando 961’s to fulfil outstanding orders from the Garner era. Following that batch they advised that any future limited production would depend upon customer interest. I added my name to their list. I don’t know how they will resolve the Euro emissions compliance issue. The Garner era bikes were Euro 4 compliant, but it’s a low output motor already equipped with a 3 way cat, so maybe they could meet Euro 5 with some tweaking of the ECU. They explained about the QA & production engineering improvements that they have made since TVS acquired the company. I for one hope that TVS invests in Norton for the long term. The Garner company was chronically under capitalised & poorly managed
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