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  1. Ticknocker, your observation is correct. Looking at this again today, both the left and right t.b butterfly valves are not completely closed. There is a small gap between the butterfly blade and the t.b. even when the throttle is fully closed. It’s not a big gap but it’s there. Whilst idling should the t.b valves be totally closed? If they should do I do this by adjusting the link rod that couples the t.b’s together? Is the white knob by the LH t.b the idle adjustment control?
  2. No, I didn’t remove them from the cross over support, I left them attached to that, I removed and replaced each rubber intake hose once I’d removed the cross over assembly by releasing the intake hose clamps
  3. I’ll recheck the fast idle cam tomorrow
  4. Tried that, there’s no leaks on the intake side of the throttle bodies, the intake rubber hoses are new and have been clamped up correctly on the alloy intake pipes
  5. Took the air filters off today, cleaned the inside of the throttle bodies with carb cleaner, the valves are moving fine, there’s nothing obstructing the linkage in the “tunnel” and the cold start is operating OK without any obstruction. Started the bike, problem still there, revs immediately to around 4000 rpm, and continues climbing higher before I hit the kill button, so I must admit this has got me completely stymied
  6. Thanks for the advice docc, I think that’s because I’ve just changed out the Motobatt for the Odessey and the Motobatt is slightly deeper so the seat was contacting the battery strap. I’ll take the Motobatt out of the LeMans when it gets back in the road and find a replacement. You can see the Motobatt is narrower than the Odessey. Good point about lowering the battery cage
  7. Until I decide to replace it with another Odyssey or a Yuasa AGM, the Motobatt has gone into my LeMans, it’s somewhat smaller that the Odyssey I’m not yet convinced to go down the Lithium route
  8. Just dropped an Odyssey PC545 into my 1999 Greenie, as has been said before they are an identical size to the Spark 500, a perfect “snug” fit
  9. Thanks to all for your helpful suggestions, I will start working through them tomorrow evening
  10. Been putting my 04 V11 Le Mans back together over the past few days, following getting the tank and seat cowl professionally respirated (they had some deep scratches) So the in tank fuel pump had to come out. I replaced the pumps hoses, fitted a new gasket, took the throttle bodies off, replaced the rubber inlet hoses which were starting to show signs of cracking, cleaned the years of carbon off the inlet manifolds, fitted new HT leads and plugs, front & back wheels off, front powder coated, swinging arm out & powder coated with new bearings. Both exhaust cans resleeved with new covers
  11. Replaced the Motobatt MBTX12U in my greenie today with a PC545 Odyssey that I had on the shelf that was intended for my LeMans when that goes back on the road. Surprised to see that the Motobatt claims a CCA of 200 amps compared to 150 for the Odyssey. I still need to buy a new battery, still unsure about going away from AGM / gel, so am going to look into Yuasa’s AGM offerings
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