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  1. Bruce Reader

    Bruce Reader

  2. A group buy for a kiwi roy re designed wiring loom ? I'm going to ride this bike for another 20 years. Cheers Bruce
  3. Yes the gears would be cool. Group buy ?
  4. I'd take two if you make some more. Cheers Bruce
  5. If someone made a new and improved harness i would buy 2 of them. Cheers Bruce
  6. Check the head temp sensor is working/connected. mine recently came off and it went from 6.5 l per 100km to 10l per 100 km !!!! Cheers Bruce
  7. is 59.Chuck at Gmail dot com the paypal address ? Cheers Bruce
  8. i think it may be the personal message part that notifies me directly. Cheers for the parts Chuck Bruce
  9. i thought i might have received a pm regarding this. sorry haven't logged on for a while.
  10. Any left ? I'll take 2 if available. Cheers Bruce
  11. First flywheel had cracks nearly identical to the picture posted by fotoguzzi.
  12. Australia- no 250 Can't be sure but i think 22000km for cracked flywheel then the replacement (not the one i ordered) at about another similar interval - exploded and took out gear box. 80000km since on 2 plate. Cheers Bruce
  13. Any chance we can gather all of his diagrams in the file share or how to sections ? Cheers Bruce
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