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  1. motowfo


  2. Thanks to all for putting up with a cager this year. Great to see familiar and new faces! Hoping next year to be back on 2 wheels! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. I was waiting to see when Andy would start shaking his head!!! Andy, If you need a good Imperial Stout or a Belgian Tripple (rally 6X)... I have them on tap!
  4. Loved @Swooshdave's comment... get a second bike for parts!!! Never heard that advice before! Do research on DOT5 fluid. I have successfully converted all my old british iron to DOT5 without issue! The incompatible with Rubber is BS. The trick is to thoroughly flush the entire system with denatured alcohol before doing the change. There are NO ill effects for DOT5. Costs a bit more, doesn't eat paint, good temp ranges. Can you tell I'm a big fan? (If British hydraulics can work with it , clutch and brakes, it'll work anywhere.) Lastly, you're confidence in your square seal... as advised several times... put it back together with the old seal... see what happens. My suspicion, since there was no leaking visible, is that it'll probably be ok. I'll be out of town this week interviewing Probate attorneys in Little Rock. Back this weekend if you need someone to put another set of eyes on it or just in case you need a bit of homebrewed Belgian Tripple. (Don't count the X's on the outside of the keg)
  5. I follow this thread now with happy reassembled bike. Body work went back on with 0 extra screws! That's a first.... If you need to use my VDSTS, let me know.
  6. Excellent, as Docc can attest I am Brewmeister and Chief Flatulator at my PICO brewery Rancho Loco... Sorry Pete, all ABV's are significantly above Queen's Lands Limits!! If you see Chippy any time soon, tell him I flatulate for him in Middle TN!
  7. Results of Left Side pull... Piaggio has agreed to "warranty" the parts!!!
  8. Bike has just over 35K Miles (US measure)... Throttle stop has NOT been touched (although I think I am or at least cursed)!!! Still flat tappet but did have the recall done early on and it does not exhibit any of the symptoms that some have had... Short list of issues and "fixes" When bike warms to normal operating temp it seems to almost drop 1 cylinder at idle. When I give it a bit of gas things pick up and the bike runs fine until the next stop sign/stop event (Dr... It only runs bad when I stop... Dr's Reply: Don't Stop) Checked TPS, all good Checked Valves all good Swapped injectors from cylinder to cylinder - minor change but not enough to pinpoint the issue Swapped Coils from side to side and wrapped the plug wires with protective wrap - Improvement The idle, now when warm "hunts and seeks" for 1100-1200 RPM I have a new set of coils and wires that just arrived that is my next attempt at a fix... I will let you know. This issue "appeared" last summer on a "normally" hot August day while I was riding the bike home from the office (several stop signs in the 35 mile ride)... Prior to that, no issues!!! (Yes, I'm looking into the roller rocker mod but I hate to throw good money after bad...) That's where things stand today.
  9. Do any of you fine folks that have done the footrest lowering on your V11 have a spare RH Riders Footrest they would be interested in parting with? Little oopsy has created a NEED! :-) Rick (615)504-2164
  10. Completed and shot of "handles"
  11. The instability of the spindle is directly proportional to the amount of ale consumed! Maybe I'll just chock my little wheel on my stand!
  12. This year I will be acting as part of a liaison team to keep cool feelings between the Germans and the Italians thanks for the folks in Mattighofen. Perhaps a useful tech session will be how to carry a single on the back of a Guzzi! Then again.. maybe I'll ride my Stelvio... undecided at this time...
  13. PPPS... Testing Barleywine after 3 months of bottle fermentation ...(should be ready in October).... May have to sneak a couple of 22 ouncers to the raid...
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