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  1. When they are right, man they are Right! nice work!
  2. My T3 project has been giving me fits so I haven’t had time to get to the v11. I want one more good start after she’s been sitting. But I feel like Docc you are probably right....again. The battery just needed a good heavy amp charge.
  3. One more easy start and I’m calling this solved. After a week the battery was plenty strong to start her.
  4. Funny enough while out for a ride a couple hours ago I lost one of these bolts
  5. Well said. On a lighter note, Pete you have to write a book.
  6. I didn’t have a lot of time yesterday. I tried to start her at 12.78v again after sitting a couple days. Nothing. I’m going to go back through the wiring. I’m not too suspicious of the starter because it does spin fine with a freshly charged battery. To my mind it’s either resistance at a connection somewhere, the solenoid, or my battery. Cleaning the ignition switch first, then connection at the battery and the main ground.
  7. Always appreciate your opinion Roy!
  8. Carcano’s swan song? Was the hi-cam Carcano’s?
  9. i really wish someone would just buy those already!
  10. So complex with all those valves
  11. No tank lining or anything?
  12. The bike’s in good hands with gstal on the case!
  13. Stupid question, could the screeching be the fuel pump priming? If so start with cleaning the ignition switch? Hows your main ground look? Battery voltage?
  14. i’ll check it out. Might be a while though.
  15. So I wore the battery down three times and charged her back up at the prescribed 6a. The bike starts but just barely. There are a couple false tries before it will actually start spinning the starter. I’m not satisfied yet. I will keep trying to condition the battery this week.
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