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  1. That my friend is love! No towel throwing here.
  2. Been a while. The V11 hasn’t gotten a lot of love this year. Rainy in the Midwest of the states here. The new to me T3 does my cycle errands and my suddenly unreliable 2t Yamaha has been getting my wrench time. Honestly though my best rides are on the V11. It just checks so many boxes. Heres my whining though. I have (probably) gotten grease in the stupid front grease zerk before, but I finally found a sweet little 90deg grease gun attachment that snapped right on the zerk as easy as possible. A few grease pumps and for the life of me I couldn’t get the frickin thing off the zerk! Two hours!.... Finally I got serious, against my better judgement I pried it off with a screwdriver. Nothing broke I’m happy. I feel like atleast a few of us would appreciate the irony of eight years of trying to find a nozzle that fits and now I have to find one that also comes off. No there are no adjustments on this attachment unfortunately.
  3. czakky

    Riding gear

    That is awesome!
  4. Looking forward to hear your thoughts...
  5. Not near the east coast, but I’m sure either The Guzzi Doctor in Chicago or Rosefarm Classics west of him. Harpers?
  6. czakky


    Looks like fun! Keep us posted on the process.
  7. I think there are three different wheel bearing sizes on my 02.... The T3. One.
  8. czakky

    Riding gear

    Just got a Merlin Anson classic looking jacket. https://images.app.goo.gl/yCng4x63Q4rk2S7z6 My usual jacket is my Vanson, at 5 years old it might be broken in now. Feels safe, though I never tested it. Some days it feels like it might’ve shrunk in the trunk area.... Arai helmet My favorite boots are 20 years old and on the third sole, there replacement is getting broken in. Gloves are usually cheap leather gloves that fit.... I’m open to suggestions.
  9. I rarely mind the work put into running/maintaining old/Italian bikes. It’s the waiting on parts that kills me.
  10. I thought we decided that gears were better for motorcycles and chains were only for Phil’s bedroom activities....?
  11. Welcome! BTW we never get tired of Rosso Mandello pics!
  12. Utah is a must ride! Bummer about the mirrors.
  13. There is also an eccentric adjuster that limits the gear selector throw, some more knowledgeable than me suggest not adjusting with the preselector installed. I personally have adjusted it very carefully, like 1/32 of a turn. It’s eccentric so try one way if it helps you can go a tiny bit further, if not go back the other way. Always mark where it was from the beginning so you can go back to square one. Like JB I’m suspicious of the linkage too I just posted a pic of my linkage on another thread very recently. I’d start with the linkage personally. You’ll get it!
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