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  1. Possibly a crank calculation ?
  2. 103 is what I was told. Doubt that was the rear wheel measurement myself.
  3. 80CX100, Yes to the cable light. Interestingly enough, there was a paper sticker on the face of my ecu which was shot. Faded, fuzzy, and unreadable. It seemed odd that an ID sticker would be made of a material that degraded like that. Especially on a something that's spent its life garaged. I scraped it to see what was under it, and there was a ecu ID sticker . Why it was covered, and with what, will remain a mystery. 15M now. Recently I also found a cleverly hidden cable with a plug connection. Probably for the lambda. When I purchased the machine I had a local shop that had a dyno install
  4. 30 k on machine . Don't know, and no. In tank filter?
  5. Pops under neutral to extremely light acceleration/deceleration throttle around 2800 to 3800 rpm. Below 3k it seems hesitant to the idea of acceleration. Will also hick-up idling, occasionally stopping the motor. Especially cold. None of this happens all the time. Seems to backfire at speed more once it warms up, but idles better. Going to check the valves and tps this evening just to be redundant. I will be trying to get the GD to connect also. Thanks
  6. Lucky Phil , if you are correct about the ok, you will hear my scream from your back porch. I actually am not sure at the moment. Also if your correct, after I'm done feeling very, very, stupid I'll be mailing you a beer. Thank you gentlemen.
  7. No noticeable difference in the way it runs . Just ain't right, and still pops, farts, backfires. Ticks me off ! Takes all the fun out of it. The up side is it blows all the dust out of the air filter every time it backfires !!! That's a mighty clean air filter ya' got there Son ! I've tried loading the reader more than 50, less than a 100 times. AND will continue trying because I'm a glutton for punishment. Probably go through the tune up and air leak routines again. Hoping it is something mechanical (much easier to deal with than the flow of electrons). Guzzler you are correct a
  8. I do not have a Lambda sensor on the crossover which as memory serves me is F by F. W/Mistral cans and K&N filter. So ,I am Ditching the PClll and I'll continue without it. Starting over. I don't understand "closed loop" or much else about the mapping and am going to seek info on it to understand it better so I don't F#*&! anything up. Thank you all for helping. Will post progress. Lost the PCommander. Checked the cable download. Good. Still only getting to the point where the drop down asks "Ignition off for 10 sec, hit ok, turn on ignition, if you hear the fuel pump, close t
  9. I may have gotten into trouble again with that assume thing.
  10. Thanks. I have done the decent tune up 3 times, and will preform it again, just to make sure again its correct. And sprayed everything down seeking air leaks. I've just seen a list of the ecu's used by the various Guzzi models. It stated the 15M was used on the V11 until 2002. 2002 on, the 15RC was used. My scoot was built in 2004. So I'm-a gonna try to pick a bike from the dropdown that uses the 15RC. Perhaps that is what the issue is. Wrong ecu.
  11. Thanks. I'm trying not to be overly wary, but on the other hand I don't want fried ecu for dinner.
  12. Another thought. When instructed to turn the ignition on could it mean start the bike ?
  13. Finally got around to trying to get into the ecu with guzzidiag to see if the neutral/light throttle backfiring around 3k rpm was due to the c/o setting as suggested. Being a great, big, computer troglodyte, I had to have my little sister help me so I wouldn't get lost. 1st issue. The drop down for choosing the bike model doesn't show anything for a Coppa. (Of course) Seeing that all of the V11's except 2 use the 15M ecu I assumed (dangerous) that this is installed on my bike. Got to where you are asked to turn the ignition on and it wouldn't recognize the ignition being on. Tried several ti
  14. That was quite funny. Somehow Mr. gstallons, I can picture that !
  15. Well, (wasn't that quick) went to the Lonelec site again and WAS able to find the single cable. YAY ! Not sure as to why I could only find the cable set (2) before. No one should hear from me now until I probably get confused with the guzzidiag. Thanks to all again.
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