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  2. Sorry to anyone following this thread for disappearing. Gardens are now well under way. Who cares ! The out come... Just got done with the test ride. It hasn't shifted this tightly since I screwed things up the first time I replaced the pawl springs and touched those mysterious eccentric screws. Tight- tight- tight ! The only formula I've got is with the shifter case off the tranny. I do not have a parts manual for the proper names of the parts I'm going to try and describe. The shifter imput shaft, (shifter bolts to this part outside) is attached to (inside of case) a triangler piece with a slot in which the eccentic screw next to the shifter sits. What I did was shift back and forth slowly with the case off (you have to hold everything from snapping into place quickly, adjusting the eccentric screw while watching the clearance end to end,[upshift downshift], of the screw in that slot) . I settled for as close as I could get with equal clearance on both sides . Only did a 10 mile test., it hasn't been this close, tight, snappy, since I messed it up. If anything changes with a few more miles will let you know. Thanks to all who's imput helped. Any questions please ask.
  3. Sorry to interested folk, didn't get to put the cover back on due to gardening today, love that corn in the fall.Tomorrow hopfully with the results. mznyc I found that when the adjuster above the pawl arm was turned too far towards the pawl arm it started to interfear with the arms movement making it stick. Are you sure its for toe shifter adjustment? Maybe I misunderstood and you were refering to the screw by the shifter imput shaft. You may be correct about pawl arm over travel not causing missed gears but doesn't it seem that if your pawl arm is over traveling past the position where the roller arm drops into the proper slot your shifter will over travel also causing at the least sloppier shifting?
  4. Yes it was, which is why I went in again. 2nd time since 05. First time in I unknowingly turned nuts and bolts I shouldn't have, the learning curve ! Never shifted quite the same after that, and I played with it alot.(The slotted screw next to shifter) After playing with it today I noticed the "dial in" is very small, a few degrees of area, of the 360 available that the screw can turn which seems to minimise pawl arm over travel after the detent wheel, arm, (?) drops into the gear position slots. Perhaps, I'm completely wrong. Sorry about the part names as I have no idea. I hope to reinstall tomorrow, and hope no post assembly adjustments are required. Will let you know. By the way, with all the members here isn't there someone who has a relative who works at Guzzi that can share a few of the answers to these mystery issues that I keep seeing. I think on warm Italian afternoon breaks at the factory they sit around enjoying cheese, bread, and wine chuckleing.
  5. This is what I got after stareing, shifting, stareing.... All the pics I saw here showing the eccentric screw in the middle of the case, show it with the slot parallel to the outside edge of the case with the high eccentric end pointed up as mounted on the bike. That will do for me as I can't figure out what it does. I put a locking plier on the shifting shaft and shifted up and down while holding/ turning shifting drums as to move everything slowly. While doing this I played with the other eccentric screw. (The one next to the shifter) When the adjustment is in the wrong position the pliers would allow the pawl arm to push or pull beyond the spot where the detent lockwheel (part name ?) lays into the slots. This would result in to much shifter lever travel in one or the other direction assembled. Adjusted correctly the excessive pawl arm travel doesn't happen. I'll post again after its back together and see if no further adjustments are needed.
  6. That did the trick. Loosen the nut to almost falling off and push the shaft in and the boomerang plate will clear the shifter drum shafts and spin out of the way. Now those two eccentric screws. One is the preselector and one is the detent, right ? Is one for an upshift stop/ control and one for downshit ? I've been shifting up and down for an hour, stareing at it and can't figure it out. Anyone know ? I'm going to try researching an answer here. Thanks again to grossohc and guzzisti for the suggestion.
  7. I will try loosening the bolt that holds it together on the outside of the cover as suggested by grossohc and let everyone know how it worked. Thanks
  8. I've got the shifter cover off. There is a flat plate that sits on top of the 2 large selector gears held down by 2 c-clips, one on each gear, and a screw in the center. That screw won't turn for me to get the plate off. Am I missing something ? Don't want to strip the slot in the screw. Have tried searching forums and come up with zilch! Anyone know the trick ? Thanks
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