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  1. So our nylon tanks attract water and as the material absorbs water it swells and causes the tank to expand. But how do the bubbles develop ? With vinyl wrap I meant wrapping the tank with a wrapping foil. Not Plastidip. Something like this
  2. Walterg


  3. i thought I'd post an update. The tank has still not been painted yet. From what I learned it's almost impossible to paint a plastic gastank without getting bubbled paint after a few weeks or a few years. The gastank allows fuel to vent or breath (sorry. I'm looking for words here..) through the plastic material and causes the new paint or the wrapping to let go and bubble. Does anyone have any experience with this ?
  4. Leaking oil from the gasket which is at least 4 years old and I never had any issues with it.
  5. i blew the left head gasket while going for a ride after I replaced the fork oil....
  6. I can now see that there's only the original clear coat on the tank. I think that if I sand down the edges a bit you wont be able to see it after the bike has been wrapped. I chose to wrap it because I just want to try it out myself and I'm not sure about how I want to have the bike painted eventually. If I don't like the result I'll just tear it off. Not sure about fuel spillage etc but I'll see and find out.
  7. I want to paint or wrap my gas tank and was wondering how to get the damaged transparent plastic coating of the tank. The coating has come off here and there and I think I need to take it all off if I want to paint or wrap my tank. Any tips or experience on this ? Walter
  8. You can check this by looking through the hole on the right side of the clutch housing while the engine is running. Remove the rubber bung first
  9. I finally managed to remove the bugger !
  10. The chrome MASS mufflers I have were a direct replacement for the originals. No changes to the bike were necessary so i could keep the original footrests. The guy at MASS also offered different options for shape, colour or finishing for the same price. I payed € 825 for the pair including postage.
  11. The CF mufflers I have lying around look fine. No scratches or anything but if I recall correctly one of them has a very small leak somewhere. If you want them I'll be willing to sell them for a small price.
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