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Install Ghezzi-Brian Carbon Fiber Rear Fender

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On 12/20/2014 at 12:28 PM, chamberlin said:
Wow thanks for the write-up Scud-  I like the final product a touch better than my Teo Lamers fender (pictured below), but I gotta say: installing (or removing) the TLM fender is a 4 screw, 30 second operation.
p.s. I just wired my payment to Bruno for the chin spoiler...he's a great guy to work with...he's just gotta ditch the wire transfer payment B.S.!

Any idea if the Teo Lamers version is still available? Is it best to contact them at www.tlm.nl , or are there other distributors (anyone in the US)?

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I can't answer that but I found one used last year and can say they are very nice. A bit lop sided viewed from the rear but it's a lop sided rear end isn't it. Fits close to the tire, nice CF, and plenty stiff.

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TLM responded to my email that they are no longer making the V11 rear hugger, and are out of stock
Let me know if anyone wants to part with theirs!

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