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Airbox Inlet Elbow Hack


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Just saying the V11 isn't going fast enough to benefit from more air. I do like the extra space with removing the snorkels.  But when going she will get enough air from  front.  Wondering how fast or slow you have to go, before hot air from the engine will interfere   :drink:                   (  ZX12R has proven a few extra ponnies after,, was it 250km or, with ram air. Test 304km :grin: )

Cheers Tom

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Opening my intake tubes up a bit held some interesting outcomes. I only got them about 1/2 as opened as PhilA. Yet, again, the sound they make now is so much more harmonious with the exhaust. I also found the tracts pinched down surprisingly, and unevenly from side-to-side, a couple inches inside where they go into that water trap area.  Seemed to contribute to a better balance between the cylinders.


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Re-reading docc’s aria! post the side view pic presents another option which if it proved too fiddly & is aborted (patience is limited!) - would be easily rectified by proceeding with said easy option elbow hack.

Maybe hacksaw a dozen parallel cuts around opening then splay out the intake ‘tags’ before remoulding with duct tape, fibreglass etc.


The Guareschi’s et al., favour CAI extensions - so these parallel cuts would also allow for insertion of literally any size width of tubing or pipe extension one wishes to suitably shove up there before clamping or duct moulding in - suggest diameter bigger than Italians...


Interestingly (scratching head), Guareschi’s ribbed intake openings really do appear smaller in internal  total area than what Phil A ‘s post discussed the throttle bodies require.

Where is their RR relocated making space for ribbed hoses?


Side chutes - still small.

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