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FOR YOU FROM THE DARK SIDE. Scura register scores so far:


Europe 11 ( most in Germany)


UK 5



Don't forget all I need is your limited edition number, there are lots of Scura owners on this site yet to send me your details.


Lowest number 9

Highest number 599





ps look out for my bikes in next months(Jan 06) Classic Bike :mg::ninja:

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Scura #600 - new to me today. Just sold my old Scura w/ Coppa paint job couple months ago and the garage just didn’t feel complete anymore. This one was apparently on and off the market a couple times

283 has moved to NJ to be with her younger cousin.

Just picked up S287 from a board member here last weekend who did a great job prepping it and fixing a ton of items with great attention to detail.  Bike rides perfectly, will take a little getting us

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Complete list so far if your missing mail me

9 Germany

29 Germany

39 Germany

90 Germany

98 Italy

99 Germany

111 Germany

134 Germany

135 Germany

150 Ireland

222 Scotland

225 Scotland

232 USA

250 Australia

254 Australia

255 Australia

261 Australia

275 Australia

283 USA

288 USA

300 Germany

310 Isle of Man

313 England

352 Australia

358 USA

370 USA

381 USA

395 USA

401 Netherlands

484 Wales

497 Ireland

498 Scotland

580 Denmark

599 USA

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Glad I am in Scotland we have more worms than the rest of the UK


you have more missing than Van does. I don't think its possible to ever get them all. With the ones in japan and asia plus all the american types that don't even know what a computer is outside of a volt meter(most guzzi owners) :huh2:

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