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  1. No. I fabricated my own fair mounts from scratch. I started from a Ballabio. I modified the wiring harness for the front turn signals removed the handlebars and installed clip-ons. There is no way to make the fairing work with normal Guzzi bars, even LM is too high I used the headlight mount and added structure to it. Biggest issue is fabricating the fairing mounts. The front mount is a welded steel truss that is probably way over built. The side mounts are 1/8" thick aluminum that bolt onto the valve covers. I can send you pictures of anything that you can't see, but I don't do "step-by-step".
  2. Craig


  3. I still see everything I posted. Is there something else you wanted? I haven't been around much recently but the Laverda/Guzzi is still with me.
  4. The generator in my Ballabio ate itself. Before I drop $400+ from Harpers is there an alternate that might be less expensive? It is a Ducati part but there is no part number stamped anywhere I can find.
  5. First rule of internal combustion engines: If it has fuel, spark, and compression it will run, maybe poorly, but it will run. Sounds to me like you identified spark as a problem. Clean all the grounds and inspect the coils. Make certain that the case is well grounded to the frame. You must have metal to metal all the way. If you have any paint under a ground strap it is no longer a ground strap. See if you can find an inductive timing light and put it on each plug wire to see if it actually sparking. Next check compression. If you don't have much compression you could be off by a tooth or two on the timing chain. When the Guzzi specialist looked at it did he pull the timing cover off and look? When I timed my engine recently it was pretty simple but I did actually put a dial indicator on a cam lobe to verify it. Easy to be off by a tooth. Good luck. When it finally fires up you'll feel great! Edit: I didn't read the last two pages. this is mostly redundant, but make sure you check the grounds between the engine and the case.
  6. What the heck is that thing? My shifter doesn't have anything like that cantilevered fitting. That is just a disaster waiting to happen.
  7. Ooh. It's been a long time. I think it even had points and a coil. I wish I could say it was the worst shock I ever had, but it wasn't.
  8. I have an RD-400 in pieces in the garage. Was going great guns before my Guzzi engine disaster last year. I plan to have the RD frame back up on the bench this week. Going for really light weight cafe with modern suspension parts. I always found it funny that hot rodders put new engines in old cars and motorcycle customizers like old engines with new legs...
  9. http://thebikeshed.cc/2017/05/04/paul-milbourn-customs-moto-guzzi-titanium/
  10. I keep close track of this stuff, because engineer. I have never run dry unintentionally. I did it intentionally once to calibrate my tank. In the 25 fillups prior to my engine disaster I averaged 202 miles before the fillup, 5.0 gallons filled and 40.8MPG. The light comes in around 150 and I have about 2 gallons left until empty. This was from 2015-08-08 to 2016-08-10. My max fillup has been 5.49 gallons. This is mostly highway commuting, but I am not particularly gentle. Too soon to tell anything with the rebuild, but so far things look close.
  11. Well said. I can't tell you how much I missed Gretchen (long story) while her engine was spread across my work bench the last 8 months...
  12. Just got through fine tuning my shifter linkage after all the improvements. I actually did all of the hard work last winter while I was waiting for engine parts. Now that the bike is on the road the eccentrics needed to be adjusted so that it would actually shift properly and not hang up.
  13. Pictures or even better, video? I will get some up. She is very dirty. All this work was on the inside!
  14. Done. She runs, and runs well. I have an AFR that I am keeping a close eye on to make sure I don't run too lean while I am breaking in the new motor. I haven;t really been able to try out anything, just a nice gentle road test.
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