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Cylinder Head Guards


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Here are some from Harpers Moto Guzzi:


Harpers Moto Guzzi Accessories


Not an excellent photo, but they best I found quickly. These are what I have on my bike. They are admittedly a bit "squarish" for the styling of the V11, but I like them because they indeed are very chunky, and "architecturally" interesting. YMMV of course ^_^ I believe this style was often found on the Sport1100.


One caveat of Harper's version is that the holes for the bolt-heads are not counter-sunk. Again, I don't mind as I like the heavy "machine" look of exposed fastener heads, and the rest of the bolts on the valve cover are exposed too... but if this bothers you, just be aware. Harpers supplies the requisitely longer bolts with the guards.


I have seen a version of these with recessed holes though(probably the MG Sport1100 version), and in fact a set are gathering dust at Moto Italiano in San Mateo to this day I believe :P




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What a coincidence. I also ordered and received a pair of cylinder guards from Joe Kenny just a few days ago. He does excellent work with an email and payment he had the guards shipped out to me in just a few days. I told him I'd put in a good word for him here.

I purchased the ones that had a small plastic red emblem of the Guzzi eagle. The finish doesn't match the cylinder head fins as well as the stock ones but the small detail is a nice change, and no extra hardware needed these fit perfectly (recessed holes)with the stock bolts.

Oh by the way I called up MG cycle and they didn't have any in stock as of 2 weeks ago.

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I just put a pair of Joe Kenny head guards.

Very nice Dave... they look suspiciously similar to mine. ;)


As Rich M. has mentioned, Joe's stuff seems top notch. I highly recommend his products/services.


We at GuzziTech also have a set of the 4v GuzziTech Guards



Joe Kenny Headguards

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Very nice Dave... they look suspiciously similar to mine. ;)


I did not notice yours, but Richard Rodriguez noted that you had a pair of Joe Kenny's and I wondered which model you had bought.

I know that I have seen your bike twice since you got them so, I must of subliminally picked up on the good looks! :D

But I was thinking they might look better with the valve covers that you are selling.

I might have to check them out. :grin:

You do know that my bike is going to slowly turn into a cruiser as yours turns into a sport!

Now if I could just find some black paint and some carbon fiber....

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Guest atl.guzzirider

I have got a set on my champaign lemans from paulimoto racing that I picked up from myers ducati I think there made by some guys out west, but the cool thing that I really liked is that they are red inodized and match the other red anodizing on the bike and look much better than the stock silver.


Walt Bowen

Atl. GA

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Bumping this old thread with a little different perspective:

My guards steal more than 3 mm from the effectively used length of threads of the bolts down the heads. Some unfortunate day when said guards will "come to real-life use", the stress on everything involved will be pretty high (there are many horrible pictures spread across the 'net) and that lost length multiplied by 4 may just make the difference.


I'm thinking of buying some TCEI M6x30 to replace the bolts. Original is M6x25 and from what I've measured the couple mm extra length will fit fine. Actually I got the idea after ruining one of the threads by over-tightening. The head is sent away for a Helicoil. As I looked down the disaster with some good light I saw lots of undamaged threads below where the bolt reached. I did use a torque wrench but that didn't help much as I was thinking M8 :homer: and probably some PO had been overtightening in the past as well (the M12's in the timing chest was completely trashed, and that wasn't me :luigi: ).


But of course, this is all most because it's 16*C below zero and I've got to hug my Guzzi... :P:

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Here are some Joe Kenny guards with paintwork courtesy of Eastwood "Alumiblast' and Plasticote Ford engine red in the Eagles, all clear coated with Eastwood.

AHHHHH great idea :notworthy: ,I have the same set from Joe, I'll be doing this in the spring time :bier:

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