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Well done


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Very good. This will be a forum / section with a lot of interest for owners, prospective owners and general interest.


Well done! :bier:

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O.K., don't go thinking this post is negative, I'm just making an observation here...


Perhaps a couple of subforums may be in order:


CARC-Quotards (Griso, Stelvio, Breva, etc)


CARC-Tontis (Bellagio, CaliVintage?)


Hey don't leave out the smallblocks! (V7 Classic)




In all seriousness, I kind of suspect that the V11LM's focus on sport-oriented riding will mostly attract the new QV owners more than any other...

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CARC is the thing that holds rear wheel in place on Brevas, Grisos,Bellagios, Norges, Stelvios...

(the thing where the cardan bar is hidden)



Or put another way, it's Guzzi's version of a single-sided swingarm w/ the anti-torque-reaction magic built in...

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CARC ???? ...........

sounds like a hair ball being chucked up,... :D

OK seriously, what is CARC :huh2:




I thought Jaap should have called this Forum / Section "All things CARC"

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For those who remember:

'Things go better with CARC' See here


'I'd like to buy the world a CARC'


etc etc



'you never get tired of the taste of CARC!'

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Is 'pipeline' another word for drive shaft?


No joking, in a NEWS RELEASE 30/8/07,

CARC tells Pipeline Developers

“Beef Up Assessment of Pipeline Impacts”


That's straight from CARC.org

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CARC ???? ...........

OK seriously, what is CARC :huh2:

'enquiring minds... and all that'?

OK seriously,

CARC Canadian Arctic Resources Committee

CARC Chemical Agent Resistant Coating

CARC Canadian Agri-Food Research Council

CARC Claim Adjustment Reason Code

CARC Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission (Jordan)

CARC Comitati d'appoggio alla Resistenza per il Comunismo (Italian: Communist Resistance Supporting Committees)

CARC CEPT Amateur Radio Club

CARC Columbus Amateur Radio Club

CARC Chicago Association of Retarded Citizens

CARC Club Atlético Rosario Central

CARC Canadian Artificial Reef Consulting (North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

CARC Columbia Amateur Radio Club

CARC Cyclone Amateur Radio Club

CARC Central American Resource Center

CARC Compound Annual Rate of Change

CARC Chemical Agent Reactive Coating

CARC Colorado Association for Retarded Children

CARC Computer-Assisted Reference Center

CARC Containment Air Recirculation and Cooling

CARC Chemical Agent Resistant Clothing

CARC Coastside Amateur Radio Club (Pacifica, CA)

CARC Chemically Active Reagent Coating


MG CRC Cardano Reattivo Compatto or, er, CARC

or, er, CRD Compact Reactive Drive

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