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More bark for your CARC


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Links to video of the exhaust that I fitted to the Griso 8V have been posted elsewhere.

This is really the proper place, so I'll put a link here.

Others may want to add to the thread with pics, video, charts etc.



Video of GT Rx open pipe. Reverse megaphone. There is a short clip and a couple of runs: with open pipe and with pipe-end db killer insert.


Good quality vids here



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Looking good!


Are you still thinking of changing handlebars?

I've looked around for options (on the web). I'd like to try lower, straightforward risers, if I could find the right size. That would be an easier first step than changing the complete bars.

It's hard to know. General opinion I've seen, not just about Griso, is that highish, wide bars are a good thing on a big bulky bike like this. I won't know 'til I try something else, but obviously the stock set-up does give more control than something lower, narrower. I've easily recovered from front and rear wheel slides and always wondered what would have happened with a different set-up giving less leverage. For example, on the 2nd Portaferry video, the road out of town was all fresh, loose gravel. On a couple of different tight corners the front went away on the gravel. When riding those sorts of roads, I really don't want to lose the whole plot, so keeping the stock set-up makes sense. The time that I really wanted a lower set-up was riding with Baldini and Martin in Scotland. It was continuously, head-down fast and I was always being blown back with those bars and no screen. In practical (and comfort) terms the V.11 was the faster bike for sustained speed. But that sort of riding with others only happens once a year – at most.

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Really like the looks of it! Do you think they will produce one for the 1200 Sport?

I think that they will make one for anything. But as I found out, there are problems in being the guinea-pig for prototypes. I had / have both fitting and performance 'issues'. Best wait until a few have been made and hopefully the problems get sorted.

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David, is it an idea if we'll trade our bars?

I give you mine, you give me yours.

When I saw the photo of Paul's new bars, I wondered if those were the standard risers on the Sport and if they would fit the Griso. They looked short. ?

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