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CARC, 8V info

pete roper

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Posted on Guzzitech, dunno why I bothered, I'll probably just get insulted by a 'tard for doing so.


Plug caps for 8V motors


These are known to be a right bastard to get off without damaging the caps. Mario in Perth has also had experience of them simply failing in service as the spark arced through the insulation.


It seems that you can snip the caps off and then use NGK plug caps with the part # of SB05E (Maybe with the suffix of 89054, I scribbled that on a bit of paper and don't know if it is relevant but better you have it. I've forgotten the details.) These apparently have an angled top but WILL fit under the plug lead covers and cost a LOT less than a new set of leads, although everyone will be getting a set of *New* leads with the cams and tappets apparently.


OK. Back to other stuff.


see ya.




CARC boot clamp replacement.



Anyone who has to take a CARC apart for any reason will find that the clips that hold the boot to the torque arm are basically a 'One use' type. If you're careful you can re-use them but the reults can be less than stellar as far as sealing is concerned.


The clamps are not sold separately. You buy them with a new boot and the price is absurd, something like $350US I believe.


Most times unless you're a retard the boot will come off un-injured, all you require is the clamps.


I've tried to find *thin* as in 7.5mm wide hose clamps of a suitable size but with no success, at least locally. But today my tiny, peanut brain must of chimed in on an extra cylinder as it suddenly occurred to me that Universal Joint boot clamps on most small Japanese shitbox cars are about that size.


A quick trip into 'Wottalottacrap Auto' got me a couple of clips for the princely sum of $1.50 AU.


They work perfectly.



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Posted on Guzzitech, dunno why I bothered, I'll probably just get insulted by a 'tard for doing so.

Yeah, can I insult you... for doing that?


You shoulda posted it here first! :lol:

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