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If you care about your privacy on your mobile media, there is also a Browser App called "Brave".

Allegedly, it offers protection against Google's AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages), which are a way that Google uses to manipulate what sites you find when you look for something. By rewriting the hit list, you are not herded by Google, but have a better free will choice.

At least this is what Brave is selling, and Google contradicting saying AMP is an open source framework with contributions from publishers and tech companies which objective is only to help web pages load faster on mobile devices.

I let you to your own opinion. Brave is not a major player, but you can download it for free from your usual market place. They promise the best privacy on line, but this is what all the "other" browsers do too.

I have only learned about it recently, I have installed it but I am not really using my phone to view webpages.

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