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I'm an importer now.


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Newly purchased 2012 Stelvio home with me now. Bought new by PO in 2014 from local Guzzi dealer in in Canada. His wife worked there as saleperson and it has been serviced there until they closed up shop. 7k miles, very nice shape and true to form it seems with every bike I buy, original rubber. Took almost 1 hour to get through customs since nobody there was familiar with bike imports so they had to read the regs and ask a lot of questions with others.  First questions asked of me...Moto Guzzi? Is that Japanese? lol 

Much thanks to the forum members for answering my questions and giving me valuable info, especially Pete Roper. His information was precise and plentiful. After about 30 emails back and forth, I asked if could remove valve cover to confirm roller tappets. The manufacture date was not able to be verified on headstock because all of the stuff in the way but engine numbers were after cutoff. But Pete said only true confirmation was visual, so I asked and owner obliged. I got it for a great price. 600 miles round trip with two nights at my sister's in Seattle to break up the trip. Plus I took care of stuff at her place so she was happy to have me...especially since I fixed her bedroom pocket door that the roller came out of the plate on top of the door.

One thing for sure...this bike is not going to see any dirt. I bought it for the highway and that is where it will stay. Tires and CARC bearing service, oil, filter, valve adjustment and fresh non-E gas is on the menu.

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You fellas down in the good old U.S of A will have a monster capital advantage buying Guzzis up here now.

Not sure what the final tally would be going that way but at present its taking $1.40 plus :angry: in exchanges from this side to acquire your machinery......

Your going to love the Stelvio for eating up monster miles in comfort .... enjoy.



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Just got back from DMV for my first ride with my new registration and title. All legal now. Had to slap a plate on it to get it there for them to check VIN since it came from Canada. New tires, gas, oil and filter. More work to do but it is now safe to ride now that the 2012 tires are history. Handles very nicely considering it weighs close to a Ford Excursion. Surprised the hell out of me how it dances around town. Too damn quiet though, need to look for something better for an exhaust note...can't hear the damn engine.

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