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Gearbox Oil

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On 7/4/2023 at 9:55 PM, gstallons said:

cash  do this , 

 # 1 start your bike and allow it to warm up as you normally do. 

# 2 pull your clutch lever all the way in and release the lever 10 Xs  in a row 

 # 3 put the bike in gear and take off as normal 

# 4 did you notice ANY difference ? 

 # 5 after you get going  for a while, get your bike in 3rd gear and go as slow as possible and roll on the throttle . Does the clutch slip when you do this ?

# 6 do the clutch pull test again 10 Xs after the bike is completely warmed up after you get through with your ride. Did you notice ANY difference in the before and after ?

Many Thanks for the hit list. Will follow it when I get some day light dry riding time.

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On 7/8/2023 at 2:50 AM, gstallons said:

Don't grab at straws , do methodical evaluations and testing.

I did as you suggested. Clutch still slipped a bit for about 5 gear changes after taking off then it was fine. Did rollon in 3rd gear 40k/hr near end of 100k ride. No slip. Clutch felt normal after slip had stopped. Each ride slip is getting less.

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In my younger days, (chirping voice), each time you would test drive a preowned car in view of a purchase, you would do a clutch evaluation.

You would set the hand brake, put the car in second gear, and release the clutch. The car should stall immediately.

With a worn out clutch, the clutch would slip.

Now that almost every car has an automatic gearbox, or robotic one, or a CVT, all these checks are no longer practiced or well known.

The "stall test" is easy to to on our motorcycles. We don't have a hand brake, but you can use the front brake to carry out the same test. If your clutch slips, then something needs to be checked.

Obviously, you should not attempt to slip the clutch; You need to release as if the bike could move forward, using the applicable precautions to avoid dropping it.

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