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The swealtering heat in the Southwest....

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5 hours ago, p6x said:

I had one on my Harley, in 1979. But the Harley had a dry sump, so I did not have to check the level using the dipstick.

How easy is it to check the oil level with this one? as "easy" as with the original dipstick? better?

The metal dipstick is a little harder to read, some people have put a minor notch in it...but I compared the two side by each as they say...plastic vs. metal so I would know where the reading should be.  The bike doesn't consume any oil, so I can't see any movement...I check it from time to time out of curiosity, but it never moves!  The visual is nice to have...I just check it for consistency, not for a specific temp.

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18 hours ago, PJPR01 said:
On 8/25/2023 at 11:20 AM, p6x said:


The metal dipstick is a little harder to read, some people have put a minor notch in it

Is the dipstick hollow? the stick part containing the sensing part of the thermometer. Or, it is just used to conduct the heat to the sensor which is located in the dial, which would make construction cheaper and easier. I have seen these "RR" thermometers sold in Europe for different motorcycles.

It possibly explains why it is only available in degrees Celcius?

What is your typical oil temperature? 100 degC?

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It feels solid to me, given the weight, it's a nicely built piece.  I will see if I can find a schematic of it somewhere.

I'll check the temp next time I ride, but I think it's in the 100 to 120C range normally when warmed up.

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