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Throttle cable/linkage interference caused my high idle problem....


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Known issues on the later V11 with the "bent tube" speedo cables/ black face instruments (after the early, fussy "angle driven" cables to the white face Veglia) . . .

Not only can the later "bent tube" cable housing foul the throttle rod, but are a common cause for a broken cable . . .


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That whole cable system from the twist throttle,right down to the adjustment knob on the end of the linkage rod is worthy of attention,when the tank is off & things are easy to work on.

It's never stuck on me riding,but when I had my Lemans up on the lift & I was twisting the throttle,while I was rerouting the cable at the cam trying to smooth things out & the white plastic knob on the end of the linkage rod got hung up badly; I adjusted things to eliminate any interference for the full range of movement.

As docc says;time well spent here, fettling & feathering :thumbsup: 


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