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Desperately seeking (9) Triumphs; ex Elvis...

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In 1965 Elvis offered 9 Triumph motorcycles to a select few of his team; allegedly nicknamed Memphis mafia!

The discovery was made through checks that Elvis signed himself to acquire the motorcycles. This was confirmed by Jerry Shilling who inspired the purchase after Elvis rode the Bonneville T120 Jerry had just gotten.

Triumph is actively looking to find these motorcycles and is asking anyone who could help tracing any of those either TR6 or T120 to get in touch at the following email:


I don't know if there is any reward for pointing them in the correct direction. I personally doubt they will be able to find these motorcycles which were produced in 1964, almost 60 years ago, but who knows; they managed to find one of the two 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback used in the Bullit movie and driven by Steve McQueen.

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12 hours ago, docc said:

Of the original 9 Triumphs, only 37 are still out there . . .  :glare:  :rolleyes:

I believe Triumph has more information than they share, so they probably have a way to sift through the entries. Although, it sounds like a wild goose chase.


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