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PSX_20240113_203027.jpgI had the opportunity to spend a couple of beautiful days on the Isle of Man (sans bike) in mid-January. It's all they say it is and more. Definitely planning a week long trip back there sometime although probably not during the TT due to cost.


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Yes it's a lovely place in it's own right. I did 2 TT's back in the mid 80's and my wife is quite keen to do one herself but after seeing a docco about the TT fortnight a few years ago I'm not super keen to return. These days you need to book 3 years in advance and it was fairly crowded back in the 80's but now it's wall to wall people during TT week/fortnight. A case of popularity ruining something that was really good. Seems popularity often has this impact on many endeavours the more I think of it. Climbing Everest is a complete joke these days as a classic example. 



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Late 90ies it was do-able on the west side of the isle, Kirkmichael Glenn Wylln campsite. My god that is more than 20 years ago. Huh, I have more memories than I will ever make.

It seems the classic TT in September is a bit of the old atmosphere. A couple of friends went there several times the last 10 years, good stories and a magnet for the old TT riders as well. Agostini, Read (+), and the ones that are still there from the great era of motorsports.

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