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D-Day 6th of June 1944: 80th anniversary celebration;

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Both my parents lived through WWII, not unscathed, though.

I have never seen so many Star Spangled banners outside the USA; I thought I would see more Union Jacks and Maple leaves. There was a Danish flag though.

How did they muster so many WWII vehicles like this? notice the motorcycles...


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Notable how the motorcycles overtake, and move opposite the convoy. Using sirens!

I want one!

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14 hours ago, docc said:

I want one!

In the "did you know Triumph was created by a German", they talk about acquiring one of those ex WWII motorcycles, such as Zundapp, DKW, BMW, NSU, NORTON.

The most researched and valuable is the BMW R12 with the sidecar; this was a work of art, with the side wheel part of the propulsion, with a differential, with a reverse.

This kind of motorcycles in good original conditions would go as high as 50/60k Euros.

The DKW and Zundapp are more accessible because made in greater numbers.

The guy in the video is a collector, and I am almost certain most of the picking would be found in Europe. He also mentioned that finding spares for the DKW, Zundapp, NSU is an arduous task.

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